What 'King Arthur' Sequels Could Be Like, According To Producer Lionel Wigram

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword might not be out for another few months, but like any origin story, the movie is practically begging for a sequel. The Guy Ritchie-directed film only focuses on the tale of a young Arthur (Charlie Hunnam), with many other notable characters from the classic legend like Lancelot and Merlin mostly out of the picture this time around. The tight focus might make for a more compelling film, but it also might be a disappointment to fans hoping to see the entire tale come to life. Yet while speaking to me on the London set of King Arthur, producer Lionel Wigram hints that any King Arthur sequels will follow more stories than just that of the titular character.

"If we do get lucky enough to do more, it’ll be... to give everybody their separate journey," Wigram explains. "And over the course of the movie, we’re going to meet our main characters in a slightly different way than the original story, in a way that reinvents them."

Wigram, a Harry Potter veteran who's worked with Ritchie on many of the director's past films like Sherlock Holmes and The Man From U.N.C.L.E., knows a thing or two about storytelling, so you can bet that the Arthur franchise is in good hands. Currently, the plan is for Legend of the Sword to be one of six (!) movies in the series if all goes well at the box office, so there's certainly room for the series to showcase each and every one of the characters fans of the legend know and love.

And although the movies will have a more modern and stylized take on the classic story than King Arthur films of the past, Wigram says they'll also feature plenty of references to the older tales. "I think that we will go off in our own directions, but hopefully with a nod or a wink to those original stories," the producer reveals. Still, he adds, "our Arthur’s very different from the Arthur before, even though he goes through the same journey. He’s a very different character from classic Arthur that we know."

Sounds like if these King Arthur sequels do happen, fans can expect to be intrigued every step of the way.