This Zodiac Sign Will Have The BEST Luck In Love Next Month Thanks To Leo Season

by Brittany Bennett
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Leo is stepping into the astrological spotlight — its true home, if you know anything about Leos! — from Jul. 23 to Aug. 22 for Leo season 2019, and the love lives of all zodiac signs will be affected. This fire sign is known to be both passionate and playful, meaning you could find your inner rawr during this time. Ruled by the Sun, Leo signs control matters of the heart. Leo loves. Leo brings the drama. Leo lights up a room. Sounds like just the thing we all need after an emotional Cancer season, right?

Thanks to two eclipses during Cancer season, the period at the end of June through the end of July felt like a one-two punch. There was a lot of confronting feelings followed by a lot of letting go, for all zodiac signs. It was heavy. Leo season offers a break from this, though: we can finally let out a long, dramatic, refreshing exhale. Phew.

The lion of the zodiac is kind, generous, and all about romance. The candles, the spontaneous trips, the heart-to-hearts, the flowers, and the affection — all of it is second nature to a Leo. Even if you're not a Leo, you could still be feeling some type of way this season because of what's in the air. "Leo is a romantic sign full of passion. During Leo Season, we can all expect these sentiments to be thrown our way," astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Bustle.

Find out what Leo season means for your love life based on your zodiac sign, to see how fiery your future is.


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Being the leader of the zodiac, you're fiercely independent. But Leo season wants you to tap into your playfulness. Get out there! Feel your feelings and have fun with the cutie you got your eye on. "Romance is on your mind, pushing you to treat your crush to a fun evening out," Stardust says.


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It's no secret that you are a luxury enthusiast. But watch your bank account this Leo season, Taurus. "Love may cost you — watch your budget before romancing your crush with expensive meals and gifts," Stardust cautions. There's no harm in indulging when it comes to showering a crush with gifts, just make sure you have room in your bank account to do so comfortably.


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They say you've got the gift of gab. During Leo season, that gift could keep on giving. "You’re feeling extra flirty right now, allowing you to step up your chatty romantic game," Stardust says.


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Fresh from your birthday season, you're most likely feeling renewed. With a boost from Leo, you could also be feeling ready to strut your stuff into the year ahead. "Your confidence is high, allowing you to feel good about your dating life. Swipe right to find love," Stardust encourages. You're cute and you know it. Put yourself out there!


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It's your season and you know how to shine — especially when you're in your element, which you will be all of Leo season. "People are drawn to your charm, making it easy for you to pursue others and be pursued," Stardust says. You can't help it.


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Defining the relationship isn't as easy as it sounds. But Leo season might help you find the words to express yourself. "You’re not ready to declare your love, but the tides may turn for you shortly enabling you to sing it from the rooftop," Stardust says. Take your time!


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You're all about balance, and during Leo season, you might want to access this natural ability. "You may find love with a friend. Think before taking the relationship to the next level," Stardust cautions. Friendships can make firm foundations for romantic relationships. But before making any moves, it could be worth it to check in with yourself and calculate the risks of moving forward.


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Leo is a passionate sign, sure. But you, Scorpio, wrote the book on passion. Leo season will help you find the romance in the throws of it. If you've found love, you might want to let your social media channels know. "You’re ready to make your relationship official now — this means changing your social media relationship status," Stardust says. It's time to level up and balance passion with affection.


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Adventure revives you. So, if you can, travel with the person you're interested in this August. "Take a break from the daily grind and head out of town with your loved one to gain a fresh perspective to your relationship," Stardust advises.


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If a romantic partner has distracted you from work, it might be time to have a conversation with them. "Setting boundaries with others is essential at this time in order to define limits," Stardust says. Thankfully, Leo season can help you communicate these issues in an effective way.


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Leos love with their whole heart, unapologetically and fiercely. So you, Aquarius, might catch feelings and adopt this approach during Leo season. "You’re more focused on making your relationships work right now, giving all of your attention to your crush," Stardust says.


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You're a creative and artistic sign, Pisces. Leo season brings an influx of creativity and you can use that oomph of energy to benefit your love life. When your schedule gets packed, you'll find ways to squeeze dates in. "You’re more inclined to bring your romantic interest to the gym or include them in a workout sesh due to your busy schedule," Stardust says. You've always been one to make romance work.