I Found All Of Victoria Beckham's Go-To Makeup Products So You Don't Have To

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Victoria Beckham has always been known for her enviable style and impeccable makeup and hair. The ex-Spice Girl isn’t shy about sharing her love of beauty, recently collaborating with makeup powerhouse Estée Lauder on a line of products. And now, VB has taken her passion for the beauty industry even further by announcing she will be launching her very own makeup line next year. To get an idea of what she may include in her own collection, I wanted to answer the question: what makeup does Victoria Beckham use currently?

Despite her enthusiasm for makeup, VB has usually kept her beauty choices under wraps. She has however revealed her favourites on a couple of occasions, for example, when she was interviewed by cult website Into The Gloss about her entire routine. The star has also posted a number of makeup tutorials on her own YouTube channel and for Vogue, but these usually featured her own VB x Estée Lauder products, which are largely out of stock now.

I’ve done a little digging however, and discovered some of VB’s favourite makeup products she has talked about in the past, from foundations and concealers to the perfume she keeps in her handbag.

The tinted moisturiser

The first product that Beckham revealed she uses in her Into The Gloss interview is this ultra sheer tinted moisturising cream by celebrity facialist Sarah Chapman. Speaking about Skin Insurance, she told the publication that it was the perfect 'off-duty' base: "On a day when I’m hanging around the house with the kids, I just like to use Sarah Chapman Skin Insurance SPF 30—it’s basically a tinted moisturiser but with sunscreen, which is obviously really important. And it’s got great coverage for lots of different skin colours." *Adds to basket instantly*.

The super boujee foundation

For days when VB wants a fuller coverage and, in her own words, "more of a look," she picks a foundation such as the ultra-boujee La Mer The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation. At £90 a pop, it's not cheap, but from personal experience I can highly recommend the product, which gives skin a noticeable glow and good coverage. VB uses the shade 'Honey'.

The slightly less expensive foundation

On days she is not reaching for Skin Insurance or her slightly more expensive La Mer foundation, the designer opts for Burberry's Fresh Glow foundation, Into The Gloss reveals. At £35, it's another base that isn't cheap, but it's a little more accessible than her other foundation pick.

The cashmere concealer

As well as Burberry's foundation, she also likes their concealer, says Into The Gloss. I've not tried this, but it sounds delightful, with Burberry describing the formula as being "soft matte" and long wearing like cashmere. Sold.

The travel size perfume

I know this isn't technically makeup, but it is too good not to include. In a video for Vogue's In The Bag series on YouTube, Beckham shows the camera a number of beauty essentials she keeps with her during the day. While they flash up on the screen quickly, I did a little zooming action to discover that the fragrance she shares is in fact Byredo's Blanche, in this handy rollerball packaging. Blanche is super fresh, understated, and sophisticated; perfect for VB.

The lip oil

Don't quote me on this, but in the same video where Byredo's handy rollerball is seen from afar, I'm pretty sure the Sarah Chapman lip oil is also present. It's definitely something from Chapman's Skinesis brand, and the thing tube packaging suggests it's this: a super hydrating lip oil to apply before bedtime.

The translucent powder

In 2018, VB shared on her Insta stories a glimpse into her makeup bag, and this cult favourite by Laura Mercier was noticeably present and easily spotted. A mattifying powder than never cakes, it comes as no surprise that VB is a fan.