This Zodiac Sign Will Be At Their Most Creative During Summer’s Mercury Retrograde

by Brittany Bennett
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Mercury retrograde forecasts are typically met with audible "ughs" across the zodiac, and for good reason — this particular retrograde can wreak havoc on communication and technology. I say "typically" because there's one sign that generally doesn't care about Mercury retrograde because it doesn't affect them much: Pisces. At the mention of Mercury retrograde, you'll normally find this sign simply shrugging their shoulders. Retrograde? What retrograde? Of course, there will be hiccups and so you should know what Pisces zodiac signs should and shouldn't do during Mercury Retrograde summer 2019 — but, nothing it seems is too major. This retrograde period could actually work for you if you work with it.

Pisces is emotional and creative. While the rest of the zodiac scrambles in the wake of Mercury's backward motion, you know how to go with the flow. Sure, you're not exempt from the typical frustrations: The planet of communication can interfere with technology and travel, causing frustration due to delays and upsetting errors. But you know how to ride this wave and so these pesky things don't easily get under your skin.

While Mercury is retrograde from Jul. 7 to Jul. 31, work and romance will be major themes for you, Pisces. It's not the best time for bold decisions, but you're likely to get ahead when you review your past. A past love could resurface. Past projects can lead to new opportunities once Mercury goes direct. Your ability to creatively navigate emotions allows you to surf any choppy waters that arise during this retrograde period.

Do: Be Creative

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You're always creative, but when Mercury goes retrograde this summer, it'll add a little touch of creativity to your daily work routine that will help keep the mundane exciting. "When Mercury stirs up your work zone, you'll be feeling the urge to be creative in how you go about your work flow. Spice it up, but do so with inspiration from the past," astrologer Kyle Thomas tells Bustle. Mercury retrograde is all about looking to the past for answers to your present concerns.

Don't: Look For Any New Love Connections

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Matters concerning love and relationships in general are always weighing on your big heart. If you're looking for love, astrologers advise against jumping into anything new with a that hottie you just met from an app. "This isn’t favored for any new connections. Focus on the ones you want to build a NEW future with together," Thomas says. If a past love connection resurfaces it might be interesting to take a stroll on the beach to see if the spark is still there.

Do: Go Your Own Pace

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Making any big, bold, new decisions isn't the best idea for you during Mercury Retrograde summer 2019. Process any offers that cross your desk. "Take your time with important decisions. Mercury's retrograde affects your work and routines most from 7-19, and then from 19-31, backtracking may affect a relationship or creative pursuit. You may need to spend time revising and reviewing, and this can seem to slow things down," Cafe Astrology shared. The work you spend on the past will boost you in the near future.

Don't: Be Impulsive

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We all have our limits, Pisces. While things could be going swimmingly for you during this astrological event, you can hit a frustrating wall. "Try not to overdo things physically, particularly from the 8-11. At this time, too, it may be best to watch for speaking too soon or out of turn," Cafe Astrology wrote. Any impulsive, reactive words from you might be taken the wrong way and lead to disputes you'll have to spend energy clearing up once Mercury goes direct.

Do: Go With The Flow

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Good news: "work can be super busy or demanding, and this may be in large part due to rising ambitions to get things done," Cafe Astrology wrote. "Delays may keep you from charging ahead ... but the redirection can serve you well if it means taking care of details that you missed. You may be proving yourself on the job or simply enjoying more take-charge energy as you go about your daily routines." It's the classic push-pull of Mercury retrograde. While you can be excelling at one thing, Mercury retrograde throws up obstacles. Go with the flow.