This Zodiac Sign Should Prioritize Meditation During July’s Mercury Retrograde

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If you're a Sagittarius zodiac sign, you've probably been putting in a lot of work over the last few months toward nurturing your personal relationships and your career. While that work is definitely going to amount to something positive soon, you may have noticed that Mercury retrograde is putting things on hold for a bit for you. What Sagittarius' zodiac signs should and shouldn't do during Mercury retrograde summer 2019 might feel like back steps, but will prove to be forward motions soon. Bustle talked to astrologer Lisa Stardust about what Sags should and should not be pouring their energy into during this time, because wasted energy will not be redeemed, so it's important to exert it wisely.

According to Stardust, turning your energy inward and focusing on meditation, reflection, and self-care is really the only kind of new energy that Sags should be parting with between now and July 31. Alternatively, being extra social or ambitious with friends or in the office might prove to be a waste of good intentions. Here is a quick list with recommendations from Stardust for Sagittarius signs to refer to before they decide to engage in a potentially fruitless or frustrating interaction. Though it's always worth it to spread kindness, being kind to yourself might be the most important exertion until August 1:

Should: Meditate


Whether you feel overloaded or not, take the time to meditate during this time, as you might not be as in touch with your body and mind as you usually are. Stardust tells Bustle that meditation helps to derail stress and unwind the mind, which are both massively important practices during a retrograde — for Sags, especially.

Should: Have A Beach Day


Stardust tells Bustle that heading to the beach is going to be a good use of your time if you can fit it into your schedule. Spending some time by a fresh body of water, listening to nature and clearing your mind is going to serve you well during this time where daily stresses are amounting to more than they should.

Shouldn’t: Overspend


Especially if you like to spend money when you're stressed, you should be extra cautious with your wallet during this period. "Watch your spending at the moment to avoid credit card issues in the future," Stardust says. If you still want to make the purchase after retrograde is over, you can go through with the transaction. But if it's just a passing, manic, and unmanageable desire that you're having because of Mercury retrograde, you'll be glad you didn't act on it.

Should: Keep Boundaries


According to Stardust, "maintaining boundaries and staying in your lane can help ensure that you get through this transit unscathed." So, set boundaries for yourself to be ensure your life is still on the right track after retrograde is over. Once you make a boundary, do everything you can to abide by it, retrograde is nearly over, it won't be that hard.

Shouldn't: Make Promises You Can’t Keep


"Don’t overextend yourself, make realistic promises to others," Stardust warns. If you're a Sag, you might be feeling a bit unrealistic when it comes to your capabilities during this time. The responsible and polite thing to do is be clear about what you can actually do to manage the expectations of people who are relying on you.

Should: Think Before You Speak


You might be tempted to gossip or speak freely during this time in a way that might hurt people's feelings. Stardust stresses the importance of avoiding situations where you have to put your foot in your mouth. "Make sure you mean what you say and say what you mean," Stardust says. Of course, put a little extra effort monitoring your unsolicited opinions.