9 Must-Buy Items To Shop During The Kylie Cosmetics 20 Percent Off Sale

Kylie Cosmetics is taking over the beauty world. Not only is it shattering earning records, but creator Kylie Jenner is rapidly expanding her collection. What originally began as lip kits has evolved into eye and complexion products. With tons of options, what Kylie Cosmetics 20 percent off sale items should you shop? If money were no object, definitely all of them. One of everything, please, but that's not exactly realistic, and given her myriad of products, the decisions may not be easy.

Of course, Kylie Cosmetics began with three liquid lipstick kits. The kits are arguably still some of Jenner's most well-known product with the lippie and liner combinations making up the largest part of her cosmetics line, but it's not all matte everything. Now, Jenner has glosses, creme formulas, and velvets to choose from. Plus, no one can sleep on her complexion and eye goods.

While the 20 percent off sale is good news on its own, it's also for two full days. You've got 48 hours to snag any Kylie Cosmetics product at a discount — at least until it sells out. Those products include goodies from both her limited edition collections: Vacation Edition and Birthday Collection.

What items should you add to your cart?

1. An Original Lip Kit

Candy K, $23.30, Kylie Cosmetics

Why not take the opportunity to stock up on Jenner's most iconic products in one of its original shades?

2. Like Gloss

Like Gloss, $12, Kylie Cosmetics

Who can forget Jenner's Glosses video?

3. The Burgundy Palette

The Burgundy Palette, $33.60, Kylie Cosmetics

Get fall ready with this palette.

4. Birthday Collection Matte Minis

The Birthday Collection Mini Kit Matte Liquid Lipsticks, $28.80, Kylie Cosmetics

The minis are some of Jenner's most popular limited edition products. Scoop these up while they're on sale.

5. Salted Caramel Kylighter

Salted Caramel Kylighter, $17.60, Kylie Cosmetics

While the Ultra Glow highlighters and the Wet Set are sold out, Jenner's single Kylighters are still up for grabs.

6. I Want It All Palette

I Want It All Palette, $43.20, Kylie Cosmetics

Get the most bang for your buck with the I Want It All Palette. Not only does it feature nine limited edition shadows, but you get a blush and highlighter as well.

7. In Love With KoKo

In Love With KoKo Liquid Lip Kollection, $32, Kylie Cosmetics

Four lippies for $32? How can you pass this up?

8. Barely Legal Blush

Barely Legal Blush, $16, Kylie Cosmetics

You'll need a flush to go with that glow.

9. Skinny Dip Face Duo

Skinny Dip Face Duo, $27.20, Kylie Cosmetics

Jenner's Vacation Edition Collection will probably be gone soon, so why not scoop up this duo and get one of her bronzers?

If you want to shop the Kylie Cosmetics 20 percent off sale, head over to the brand's website now. With killer deals on every product, some of these goods are sure to sell out.