What The Phase Of The Moon On Halloween Means For Your Sign

Kevin Frayer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As Halloween approaches and we all have a spooky set of festivities lined up, are we noticing our moods can be a little haywire? Never fear — the stars are here to tell you what you'll be feeling on the night of the big spook.

The phase of the moon can influence your Halloween festivities, based on your zodiac sign. On Oct. 24, a full moon in Taurus lit up the sky, and a week out on Oct. 31, it will be in its "last quarter," which basically means readying for its transition into the next new moon.

According to, a "last quarter moon" is looks like this: "The moon has moved another quarter of the way around Earth, to the third quarter position. The sun's light is now shining on the other half of the visible face of the moon."

On a last quarter moon, we earthlings will feel that our perception needs cleansing, according to Existing structural thoughts we have will start to fray as we reassess the energy of now.

The "half-moon," as it will appear, will also be in the sign of Leo, making us all a little bolder about changes we want to make than usual.

Read on to find out what intuition could be in store for you this Halloween:


Aries, you will probably feel a strange shift in your emotions. The fiery Leo moon will give you a revitalized burst of energy, while the recent Taurus moon probably also drained you a little bit because earthy energy can be so polarizing. Give yourself a break and observe every impulse that comes by — getting mad and texting your ex probably isn't a good idea tonight. Try channeling any energy you have into making new friends or doing something you know is exceedingly positive — your cardinal fire side will thank you for it.


You just had a great time with the recent full moon in your sign! But now this Halloween Leo moon is going to square your fixed earth sign self. You might be feeling a little more frustrated and caught between wanting to be practical and wanting to feel free and dramatic. Don't repress the energy too much — balance is key, like the "half-moon" appearance demonstrates. As long as you aren't hurting anyone, feel free to let loose a little more tonight. Good things could be in store.


Your elemental air sign will trine the Leo moon, but you also might feel like you need to reassess what you value. You're an intellectual, so you can gab about just about anything — but what do you care about? Leo reminds us to think about the tribe we're trying to protect, so gather up ye thoughts Gemini, and do some serious reflection as the new moon is about to begin. It's a good time to set intention. And have fun while you're at it, because we know that sharp brain of yours can multitask and probably do this in the background even while partying!


You're emotional about feeling like you've let your boundaries down lately. The recent earthy full moon has probably made you really reassess how out of whack your ability to put down your foot is, and the Leo moon will inspire you to be bolder about that. You deserve the very best, Cancer, and right before a new moon is the perfect time to prioritize what you want to spend your energy on. Make a note to get rid of toxic people to give your loving gifts to — you definitely don't need them.


You're feeling a little more "on" than usual, as the moon is in your sign but it also marks the last phase before the new moon. You're getting a sense your energy, the bold and dramatic and brave kind, is valued right now by your peers. Give them the advice they need, and make sure you're taking the advice you need. Remember to hold space for others, and remind them they deserve to hold space for themselves too and declare their needs and wants to others. We could all use some Leo inspiration right now during this last quarter moon — and you're the perfect person to dole it out.


Your nitpick-y tendencies may be at an all time high as you obsess over perfection even more with this last quarter moon. Your subconscious self can sense push is about to come to shove, and you're also coming off a very productive full earthy moon that put your own earthy elemental tendencies into play. This Halloween, try "playing the part" of your ideal self and see if that makes you feel better. They say it "fake it til you make it" which you might not readily buy into. But this Halloween, make that the case... try it as a fun challenge, to embody your Leo cousin. Who knows — maybe you'll even enjoy it.


You crave balance, and you're liking the vibe that the Leo last quarter moon gives off. You feel the stakes are high for you to go and take a risk, but your hesitation to rock the boat and keep up your people-pleasing tendencies may be inhibiting you. Let yourself be the badass you know you are deep down tonight, because it will be the new moon soon anyway. If you don't like who you become when you try to honor your true inner self, you can reset it in a week.


The sun is in your sign, which is good. But the full moon in Taurus on Oct. 24 made you feel a little less "zen" because it was such a polarizing blast to your very intense, fixed water self. But tonight is probably the night of the year where people want your darkness. They want to hear from Scorpios and they most likely will want to bond with you. Scorpios should be rejoicing in this attention, and of course you know a Leo would be the first to push you to accept it. So embrace the Leo moon energy and dance your heart out and talk to strangers and embody the confidence your fixed water sign knows it has.


The moon is in a fire sign, so your fiery, argumentative side might be coming out more. Embrace it. This is the prelude to your season coming up in November, and a Leo moon can only help you gain the confidence you know you always have. Test your manifesting skills and let yourself be bolder, cooler and more collected than you usually feel. You tend to run from your problems, Sag, but tonight — the world can be your oyster.


You're such a workaholic all the time that right before a new moon, you may be getting emotional that not everything is quite perfect yet. But never fear, because a Leo moon can help you shed the perfectionistic tendencies. Tonight, your earth self might be a little suspicious of such consistent fire, but take the time to jot down your thoughts so you can study them later, then try to immerse yourself in a moment more. And before you know it, you will be on to your next goal when the next new moon starts.


You're naturally detached, so the Leo moon doesn't always float your boat when it comes around during those times of year. But try to give more of a duck tonight — be a little more bold, kiss that cutie at the party, go to a late-night diner even if you don't think it's "pragmatic," and be as fun as you want with as many strangers as you want. You tend to resist your more courageous, exorbitant side and like to be the quirky person in the corner. But the spotlight might do you good this last quarter moon. It's the perfect time to experiment with what kind of person you want to be, so let your Aquarius placements celebrate that.


You are probably down in the dumps because Leo can make you feel strangely washed out. All of that fire energy? No siree. If you need alone time during this time to nurse any wounds, definitely take it. You might resist the mantra of Leo banging the drum to the beat of "love yourself" when you know you're not there yet. Your emotional intuition can be trusted at all times no matter where the moon is at, so let that guide you, Pisces. You've got this. Just take it easy tonight and let the Halloween costumes be a colorful distraction for even one night.