How To Make The Most Of The August 2019 Full Moon, According To An Astrologer

by Aoife Hanna

With this month's lunar cycle hot on your heels, there really is a lot to consider. Because, guys, anybody who's anybody knows that the moon is very important when it comes to our moods and choices. So, with this August 2019's full moon in Aquarius, I reached out to Carolyne Faulkner, expert astrologer and author of The Signs and new book Your Stars, as I know she is the ideal woman to ask what August's full moon in the UK means.

Faulkner, who has the mantra that "nobody's future is written in the stars, it's ours to create," has some very interesting insight and advice as to what this lunar cycle might have in store for us. The astrologer emphasises that this time is a truly wonderful time for letting go, saying: "The full moon is a time of release and is the final cycle that began with the new moon in Aquarius in January."

Faulkner explains that this is a great time to look at certain aspects of your life and reconsider what value they hold. If they aren't bringing you anything, it may be time to let them go. "It is a wonderful opportunity to unburden yourself from any ideas or fixed mind sets that no longer serve you," the astrologer tells me. "Release all that and ask to be open to receiving the flashes of insight delivered via the sign of Aquarius."

Faulkner continues: "Aquarius is the air sign depicted in the stars as a goddess pouring knowledge on humanity, its ingenuity, creativity and random opportunities at best." So this may be a great time to say yes to any new chance that come your way.

In addition, Faulkner suggests that this full moon is also a great time to break away from the norm, because Aquarius is something of an anarchist. "Aquarius is the sign of rebellion too," she says "so you may find yourself unfollowing the low vibe tribe and cranking up the support for the revolutionaries." Sounds fun, right?

Above all, Faulkner emphasises that this is a time that is totally filled with a heck of a lot of magic and that good times lay ahead. So fill up your boots guys! She says:

"This full moon is magical and laced with excitement, for what you may ask? For the reboot of the age of Aquarius that is what!! Buckle up for the rollercoaster."

I asked Faulkner, does she have any extra special advice for us all coming into the full moon? Any tips to help us totally nail our intentions? She recommended doing a full moon ritual in order to harness all of that lunar power. "Write your list, add all of the negativity you wish to let go of, that includes disagreements, concerns and anything that restricts you, and then burn it, ask the Universe to set you free and embrace the path of liberation," she suggests."This is the spark that will ignite the high vibe revolution."

OMG, with advice like that — looks like this moon cycle is going to be lit AF.

Faulkner's new book Your Stars is available to pre-order now.