If You Want To Shop Fenty Beauty, You're Going To Want To Grab Some Coffee

Get your calendars, planners, phones, and alarms ready. Rihanna's Fenty Beauty is here — well, kind of — and it could possibly be heading to your door in less than a week. While fans know that the brand is set for launch on Sept. 8, a time hadn't been revealed, until Friday afternoon.

On Friday — exactly a week from her launch date — Rihanna took to her personal Instagram account to reveal the first look at Fenty Beauty. The brand's video featured multiple stunning women of color and had Twitter in a frenzy celebrating the diversity of the campaign. The products were still a bit mysterious, but one thing is for sure, a Fenty Beauty lip gloss is coming, and there's potentially a sparkling gold highlighter in the brand's future as well.

Of course, the products and models are important, but fans also need to know when they can snag the goods themselves. While the Sept. 8 drop date has been known for some times, fans can now brace themselves to stay up all night. Fenty Beauty comes out at midnight PT on Sept. 8. For east coast fans, that means you'll need an extra pot of coffee for a 3:00 a.m. ET release.

While East coasters may be less than pleased with the time, the benefit is that no one has to wait extra time to snag the products. Immediately on Sept. 8, you can place your orders and known that a diverse, Rihanna-crafted batch of makeup is headed to your doorstep.

Where should you shop? It looks like the Fenty Beauty website should be your first choice if you plan to stay awake until midnight. If you can hold out, however, the line is coming to Sephora online and in-store as well as Harvey Nichols in the UK.

Set your alarms, get your coffee pots primed, and get your computer ready. This is a must-shop event.