This Is What To Get Your Dad On Father’s Day, Based On His Myers-Briggs Type

I'm not sure what exactly it is about dads, but they are notoriously difficult to shop for. Even if you know what your dad is generally into, or you feel like you have a really good relationship with him, picking out the right gift can feel frustrating because you tend to feel clueless on what he really wants. That's what makes a holiday like Father's Day so difficult — you don't know what to buy to make your dad feel as special as he deserves to feel! The key to picking the perfect present is really tapping into his personality. You might want to figure out his Myers-Briggs type and go from there — and below are a whole bunch of ideas for what to get your dad for Father's Day, based on that Myers-Briggs type.

In case you're not familiar with Myers-Briggs, it's a personality test based on Jungian philosophy. Someone's MBTI can reveal so much about them, from how they enjoy spending their time, how they prefer to show that they care about someone, and even to what kind of gifts they'd like to receive. The trick, of course, is getting your dad to take the Myers-Briggs test to find out what his type is. Just do it for fun together one day if you don't already know!

Using his type to pick a gift is one of your best bets at buying something he'll use, love, and truly appreciate. And isn't that what you want to find for Father's Day? I thought so.




Men's Summer Boots, $164.95, Blundstone

ISTJs are known for being quiet, serious, and extremely logical. For this reason, you'll want to get them something practical — the ISTJ type isn't really into gifts that don't have a specific use, so you don't want to get them something like a silly trinket. Get something they'll definitely use. Some choices include a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant or an upgrade to an item they already use all the time. You could also get your dad a sturdy pair of shoes he'll be able to wear forever, like the above boots.




Plated plan, starting at $47.80, Plated

ESTJ types are very goal-oriented and focused on being successful. They are also very practical people who have no use for gifts that don't have some kind of purpose. They would probably love to just receive money, but since that doesn't feel very appropriate for Father's Day, you can also try just asking what your dad wants, and then getting that exact thing. That's what they'll appreciate the most! If you really want to surprise him, get him something you know he needs. For example: if he loves to cook a subscription to Plated is a great idea.




Threshold Casa Roca Frame, $12.99, Target

ISFJ types are actually great gift givers: they remember things friends and family tell them, they're very passionate, and they're also a little nostalgic. Your best bet is to buy your ISFJ dad something super meaningful. Keep it simple with a great photo of you two in a nice frame.



The ESFJ type is practical, but also quite social. While they love to pick out gifts for other people, receiving gifts it's exactly their favorite thing — they're a little too practical for that! If your dad is an ESFJ, you should definitely consider an experience gift so that you can spend time together. Look into tickets to his favorite sports game or a concert, or even just a gift card for you guys to go out to dinner.




Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug, $79.95, Amazon

The ISTP type can be quiet and kind of shy, and they're actually pretty hard to buy for. They often feel awkward about receiving gifts, and they are also very practical, so what they're really looking for is something they can use. If your dad is an ISTP, you might want to consider a Visa or American Express gift card so he can buy whatever he wants — or you can also get him something you know he's been needing for a while. Another good idea is the above coffee mug, if he drinks coffee every day — it's temperature controlled.




Escape Room The Game, $27.99, Target

The ESTP type is rational, active, and loves adventuring and exploring. They like to have fun, and they also like really nice gifts that also have some sort of purpose. You don't need to spend a lot to make an ESTP happy, though. If your dad is an ESTP, get him something fun, like a sky-diving experience or something along those lines. If you can't afford anything too crazy, a fun game could do the trick.




Calypso by David Sedaris, $17.60, Target

The ISFP is adventurous and passionate, and they love seeing the beauty in life. They can also be quite creative, so if you want to get them something that makes them happy, look for something unique and maybe a little artistic. You could look into some sort of paint and wine class, or you could buy something you think they'll love, like a new book.



The ESFP type is known for being outgoing, friendly, and the life of every party. ESFPs love sentimental stuff, but they also love to be surprised — so this is your time to get a little creative. Try a fun and unique experience you do can do together, like going to see a play or taking some sort of novelty class, like indoor rock climbing or even surfing lessons.




Google Home Max, $399, Best Buy

INTJs don't like surprises — they are very organized and practical, and they only want gifts that they actually need at the moment. A tech gadget they'll use a lot could be great, like a Google Home (as long as it's something your dad needs and doesn't already have a similar version of).




Hydros Pitchers, $32, Hydros

ENTJs don't really love getting gifts, so if your dad is an ENTJ, you've probably heard him tell you not to buy him anything. But still... what can you get him? Your best bet is something practical that he'll use often, like an upgrade to something he already has. A water filtration pitcher might seem random, but this one fills up quickly and is definitely a practical option! A gift card is another option.




Dad of Wildlings Shirt, $16.99+, Etsy

INTPs are a little on the nerdy side and they also like very unique things, so they might be kind of difficult to shop for. But if you know what your dad is into, it will be a whole lot easier! Think about what book, movie, TV show, or character your dad really loves, and go from there with a collectible item or something else to add to his collection.




Wonderful City of Dreams Gift Box, $36, Godiva

ENTPs are inventive, creative, and eclectic — which means they can be a little hard to shop for. Your best bet is to focus on what your ENTP dad likes and go from there. For example, if he loves Star Wars, get him some collectibles. Or, as another example, if he loves chocolate, get him a box of some delicious truffles — these are good, and very nice to look at.




Arzopa Advanced Digital Picture Frame, $59.99, Amazon

The INFJ type is very insightful, and they really appreciate gifts that have a deeper meaning. Something personal or sentimental is a great idea if your dad is an INFJ. Try getting something like a digital photo frame filled with family photos.



The ENFJ type is generous and goal-oriented, and also quite social. They care more about the thought behind the gift than the actual gift, so you'll want to really pick something special. A good idea could be making brunch or dinner for your dad — he'll really appreciate the effort behind the meal, and he'll enjoy himself.



Ancestry DNA

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The INFP type tends to be emotional and soulful, and they really appreciate gifts that have a deeper meaning over something silly. Something they might love is a really thoughtful handwritten card, because material possessions don't mean a lot to them. An experience together could work well also. You could also try a DNA kit like the one above, which could give him more insight into his family.




Wemco Flamingo Head Game Target Toss Set, $14.99, Target

The ENFP type is deep and loves to talk, but also energetic and full of personality. If your dad is an ENFP, then you probably already know that he's not materialistic, and doesn't really care for gifts too much. Go for a novelty item that plays on an inside joke between the two of you for laughs, or something silly and fun, like this game. You could also give him something handmade, or something you guys could make together.