9 Outfits To Rock Up To The Office In During The Dreaded Heatwave

by Lauren Sharkey
Mango, Zara

Approximately one second after I checked this week's weather forecast, I went into panic mode. How is the UK supposed to cope with temperatures not far off 40°C? We are not bred for this sweat-inducing environment. We don't have air conditioned homes or transport systems, nor do we typically own the kinds of clothes that scream: "Bring it on, sun rays." It's not feasible to take the entire week off work in protest or turn up to the office looking like a wannabe Love Islander, so here are the most practical things to wear during the upcoming heatwave.

First things first, you need to make sure you're investing in the right fabrics. Say goodbye to synthetic formulas and heavyweight materials and hello to natural, breathable fabrics. Think cotton, linen, muslin, and chambray, and you're on the right track.

The colours you wear, however, may not be as important as you think. While there is some evidence that lighter shades are cooler in the sun, black isn't necessarily detrimental, as Wired reports. (I can confirm that black clothes plus the sun does not equal a sweaty mess.) But it is more common for people to veer toward more summery hues. White and beige are obvious summer staples, but don't be afraid to add a little colour into the mix.

From super floaty trousers to linen masterpieces, here's a few high street heroes to throw on when the temperature begins to rise. The best part? You can wear most, if not all, of them to work.


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