All The Burning Questions We Have After That Epic 'Black Lightning' Season 2 Finale

Eliza Morse/The CW

Spoilers ahead for the Black Lightning Season 2 finale. The Black Lightning Season 2 finale was a whirlwind of epic fight scenes, but it also left a few massive cliffhangers that need to be resolved ASAP. At the end of the episode, the Pierces seemed relatively happy after finally putting Tobias in prison, but their moment of solitude was crushed when shady Agent Odell revealed that Freeland's spike of meta-human activity has inadvertently made it a battle ground for a massive war. Oh, and let's not forget about the pod kids who are randomly on the loose after 30 years in confinement. Thankfully, the show is returning for Season 3 later this year, because between all of these huge reveals, there are a lot of burning questions from Black Lightning Season 2 that need answers stat.

Of course, the finale did a great job of exploring rage, frustration, joy, and the power of love between the Pierce family and Gambi as they thwarted a meta-human crew's attempt to wreak havoc on the city. And fans finally got their first solid taste of Jennifer suited up and in full action as she helped restore power to the city and nearly succeed in her mission to kill Tobias. But despite all of those satisfying leaps forward, there's still plenty of drama that needs to be resolved when Black Lightning comes back. Here are the biggest questions we had after the explosive finale.

What Will Happen To Khalil?

Surprise – Khalil isn’t dead! In Episode 12, Jennifer stood over Khalil’s grave shortly after his funeral and promised to make Tobias pay for his death. But the finale revealed that Agent Odell, who watched the funeral from afar, actually has Khalil's body in a pod. Wait, what?!

Did the A.S.A. exhume Khalil's body later that night or was his body never in the casket in the first place? And what are Odell's plans for Khalil? Odell might use Khalil as collateral to make Black Lightning, Thunder, and Lightning work for him.

There's also a possibility that Odell actually wants to help the Pierce family, but it's not likely considering how he has been spying on them and mistreating the pod kids all season long. No matter what, Jennifer will find out about Khalil coming back from the dead and it will change everything.

Will Anissa Reunite With Grace?

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Anissa finally pieced together the truth about Grace being a shape-shifting meta-human. She ended up getting a little too busy fighting crime to go after Grace again, but their reunion has to happen in Season 3. The comic book version of Grace fought alongside Black Lightning and fell in love with Thunder, so there's no way that her story is over yet.

Anissa will probably tell Grace about her powers because Freeland needs every good meta-human it can get to fight in this upcoming war. And, hopefully the pair's tumultuous love story can actually settle into long-term happiness.

Who Are The Markovians?

Season 2 dropped several hints about Dr. Jace's work in a mysterious country called Markovia. The country has been making meta-humans for war, and now they are on their way to collect new meta-human recruits as well as brilliant scientists like Lynn, who they attacked earlier this season. Also on their side is the mysterious teleporting assassin fans saw back in the mid-season finale. In the comics, the fictional Markovia is located in Europe and ruled by King Viktor, per Fandom.

Viktor was killed in a massive fight against a Nazi operative but a takeover didn't happen thanks to Dr. Jace, who gave two of Viktor's kids superpowers. The Outsiders collective, which included Black Lightning in the comics, also stepped in to help with the conflict. It will be interesting to see how Markovia plays into Season 3 and if popular characters like Geo Force or Terra will make an appearance on the show.

Will The Outsiders Form In Season 3?

Josh Stringer/The CW

A version of the Outsiders, which has varied in members over the years, has been on the horizon for a while. Jennifer (aka "Lightning") has joined the fold alongside Black Lightning and Thunder, both of who were a part of the Outsiders.

And several other Outsiders characters like Grace Choi and Wendy/Windfall have been introduced to the narrative. This war will be the biggest conflict yet, so all of these heroes need to come together to protect Freeland from utter destruction.

What Will Happen To The Pod Kids?

The pod kids are on the streets for the first time in 30 years. As expected, they were weak and stumbling around, but it's only a matter of time before they start using their powers.

No one knows what they are capable of and how they will handle a completely new world, so it's going to be a major problem for Black Lightning as he tries to save their lives. The police have been gunning down metas and the Markovians are on the way, so their fate doesn't look too good at this point.

Will Tobias Get Out Of Prison?

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Tobias has wiggled his way out of murder and crime for most of Jefferson's life, but now he's finally been locked up in a random prison for meta-humans. His hands are bound and he is in a room alone, but nothing can keep him down for long, right?

Tobias has previously leaned on his connections, money, and power to get out of virtually any situation, but right now he seems to have no one on his team. Most of his crew is either dead or long gone, so it will be interesting to see how he gets out of this situation. Dr. Jace and the teleporting meta may try to help him out, but it's not likely because they have their own mission to accomplish. If he does somehow get out, he's going to wish he stayed somewhere safe.

With all of this hanging in the balance, Black Lightning Season 3 can't get here soon enough.