The One Thing You Should Do Before Bed To Relax, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Having a nighttime routine to wind down after a long day is so essential. Work is stressful enough, but you can get tripped out from overstimulation and trying to do so many things at once — between social media and paying your bills and keeping up with your friends and balancing our responsibilities, the list goes on and on.

With all that said, it's even more important for your health to make sure you are doing all that you can to get quality sleep. Part of that is finding methods that work for your body to calm down — and there are multiple ways to relax before you go to bed, based on your zodiac sign.

The stars can tell you about your preferences in that area. It often depends on your astrological house, which can rule a different area of your life, from material possessions to philosophy to career etc. Some souls that are more concerned with the self's mental well-being will need to journal or read or do something to calm the brain down. Others may need to physically get up and move in some way.

No matter who you are, there's probably a routine that works for you. Read on to find out more:


Write in a gratitude journal. Try and keep an ongoing log, Aries — as the youngest sign of the zodiac that comes first, you always have a childlike wonder at the world going on deep in your heart. You're a sign of the first house of self, so it's important to align an identity of gratitude.

Writing down manifestations of that wonder, by thinking on what you're grateful for, is definitely a good tool to chill your body out for sleep.


Burn a candle in your room. You're a sensual second house ruler, which means you have a penchant for material possessions. Burning a candle can cause you to feel extra centered and appreciative of your surroundings — especially your belongings. It's a great way to refresh your sense of smell, and sense of self.


Write in your diary. You're a very cerebral sort of person always on the lookout for communication. Communication, after all, is what your third house ruler is all about! But to make sure you're getting your point across clearly to others, you must also make sure you yourself know what it is. Journaling can help you organize your thoughts for processing while you sleep.


Take a warm bath. You're a water sign baby and also ruled by the fourth house of comforts and home. You want to feel comfortable in your own body, and what better way to do that than to soak in some valuable suds? Wind down and let yourself enjoy your interactions with water. It keeps you clean and prepared for anything.


Plan the next day's outfit, so you don't have to stress in the morning. You're ruled by the fifth house of pleasure, and you always want to bring it to others. Making sure you'll have your best foot forward come the morning is the best way to help you sleep at night.


Plan your next day. Virgos are very meticulous and detail-oriented. You can attribute that to your sixth house of health, because you want to make sure to quell any anxiety as much as possible. So reduce the worries — write down everything you want to do or seek to get done, and hitting the hay will feel a bit easier.


Catch up with a loved one. Your seventh house of partnerships is always thinking about relationships, so a good way to relax is to further any of your current ones. That way, you'll feel like you've deserved to end the day once you're done talking and have enough energy to tackle the next one.


Meditate. You have a lot going on as a sign that rests in the eighth house of the psychological self, and death and rebirth. Trying to calm your spirit down matters a lot for you. Before bed is the time where you can definitively do that the best.


Take a walk outside. Appreciating nature is important for you, a person that looks for meaning in life because of their ninth house of philosophical musings. Having a deep thought session is best done outside, and that's where you'll want to be before you turn in for the night.


Add to your vision board. You're always thinking about the next step for your career and goals, Cappy, so vision board it all out. It's the way you trust the process with your 10th house of status and career. Making sure your vision is still on track is inherently soothing for you — so definitely make sure you are on that.


Read some inspiring books. You're all about societal change, inspired by your 11th house of community and friendship. You're a naturally social creature, and sleep may make you a little restless when you think about all the time you'll spend being immobile. But ~rest assured~, because there will still be plenty of world to save tomorrow.


Clean your room. Your sleep space needs to be sacred before you climb into your bed. You're a very sensitive soul that rests in the 12th house of the unconscious, but the physical world very easily influences that unconscious sense of self. The best you can control is how clean your own environment is, and remembering this basic spiritual fact before bed will definitely help you rest better.