The One Item You Should Put On Your Wedding Registry, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Megan Grant

When you're trying to decide what to add to your wedding registry, "everything" isn't really the wisest option. After all, let's get real: You don't really need a Hello Kitty metallic shower curtain. (But I do.) Instead, keep reading for what you should put in your wedding registry, based on your zodiac sign.

If we're being honest, these days, wedding registries are essentially an easy way to get free stuff out of your guests (although you pay a pretty penny to have them at your nuptials), but wedding gifts are actually steeped in much more history than that. According to HuffPost, wedding gifts stemmed from the concept of a bride dowry that was paid to the bride's family. Sometimes, it was cold, hard cash. Other times, it was land or animals.

Here in the modern day U.S., it's less cows cash and more waffle irons and serving platters, which leaves a lot more wiggle room for fun things you might not have thought to add. If you want your registry to be filled with things you'll really love and get a lot of use out of, then here's one additional fun thing you should include with all your staples, based on your zodiac sign.