4 Things You Should Do & 3 Things You Shouldn't During Sagittarius Season

by Kaitlyn Wylde
There are certain things you should and should not do during Sag season.

The fiery season of the centaur archer is here, and under the Sagittarian reign, we'll all find ourselves on an adventurous hunt. This season brings out the optimistic pioneer in us all. Collectively, we're on a mission to find our bliss — whatever makes us feel good and proud. But you'll want to know what astrologers say you should and shouldn't do during Sagittarius season, to ensure that your personal mission is aligned with the stars. If you put energy into actions or thoughts that go against the Sag season principals (forward thinking, personal growth, learn something new), you might find that your efforts are wasted.

Being led through the holiday season by a fire sign as ambitious and free-spirited as Sagittarius can be overwhelming. For many of us, it will be hard to tame that energy and channel it effectively, and so there are certain things that we'll need to be conscious of to avoid Sag-inspired holiday flare ups. Bustle talked to astrologer Kyle Thomas about the things we should lean into and the things we should steer clear of this Sag season. According to Thomas, the Sag's spirit is so strong that no matter what sign you are, you'll feel the natural vibration of it in your own. Here's how Thomas suggests we address the zodiac season.

Do: Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone


"Sagittarius rules adventure and is a zodiac sign that does not like to be confined within a box. As soon as you try to tie down Sagittarius, they will charge on into the horizon or feel depressed," Thomas tells Bustle. So don't stick to what's normal and routine, add some new opportunities into the mix to ensure you're using the energy you have. Whether it's going to a party alone where you don't know anyone but the host, or changing up your daily routine, it's time to try it out. "Go into unknown territory. The comfort zone is not for you now," Thomas says.

Don't: Live In Fear

During Sag season, we have a sense of adventure that we can use to our advantage and face our fears. According to Thomas, "our fears are what hold us back from growth and expansion," and that by "releasing those fears, you can find new solutions and opportunities just beyond your threshold." Now is the time to challenge yourself and learn from those brave experiences.

Do: Learn Something New


"As a zodiac sign that is all about stimulation, Sagittarius energy likes to experience everything that life has to offer," even if it's totally different from what you're used to, Thomas explains. "As the zodiac sign that rules international business and travel, this, too, helps us learn more about humanity, culture, and the world. Use this increased mental energy to be captivated by new territories or ideas that can change your life journey for the better," Thomas suggests. So sign up for a class, join a community group, or travel: all of these options will lead to personal growth.

Don't: Be Impulsive

Sag season is going to have us fired up, but not always in the best way. "As a zodiac sign prone to spontaneity and impulsivity, this energy can actually infuse us a bit more during this time of year. Reacting before thinking isn’t healthy for anyone and can lead to accidents or problems," Thomas tells Bustle, going on to say that Sagittarius is the most prone to accidents or addictions within the zodiac. Force yourself to take a few deep breaths before making decisions during this time of year — it could save you a lot of trouble to put a little distance between your thoughts and actions.

Do: Embrace Spirituality


According to Thomas, "because Sagittarius is connected to the expansion of the mind through knowledge and experience, it, too, has deep ties to religion and spirituality." That makes Sag season a great time to embrace your spirituality, or take yoga or meditation classes that will give you an opportunity to learn from someone else's spiritual practice. Additionally, Thomas says that "reading about different theologies and ideologies can help your spirit fly."

Don't: Explode

Though it's easier said than done, it's important to remember that you might be prone to temper flare ups during this time. "Anger is something that Sagittarius (and all fire signs) struggle with in life, and this is because they are so passionate. This enthusiasm can also become abrasive or aggressive if Sagittarius feels threatened or defensive," Thomas tells Bustle. Often rather than just calmly exploring your feelings, Sagittarius will erupt and go into attack mode. "Then, as soon as the conflict has started, they’ll be sure to race off and leave you in the dust," Thomas says. To ensure you don't fly off the handle, take pauses in tense moments, go on a walk, and don't engage in conversations when you're feeling explosive, as you can't really trust yourself not to go too far right now.

Do: Express Yourself


You might notice that you're feeling more expressive during Sag season, and Thomas says that's because expression is important to all fire signs. So whether it's a serious conversation you want to have with your partner, or a silly thing you've been meaning to try, lean into your desire to get out there and be authentic. "If you take chances, you could create something shocking, exciting, hilarious, or groundbreaking — and just like Sagittarius, likely make a scene," Thomas says.

With tensions already high on account of the holidays falling in-line with Sag season, it's important to make the time for a little bit of aimless fun. Taking an afternoon off to go on a long walk with a friend in the neighborhood or getting up early to hike a new trail by yourself can really help you to stay balanced this month. Changing up your routine in little ways will keep things fresh and taking one extra deep breath before responding to conflict might be all the buffer you need. Come Dec. 22, we'll be in the throws of Capricorn season, which is far more serious, so enjoy the adventurous spirit while you can.