Your Fave '00s Rom-Com Says A Lot About You

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Through all of the break ups and make ups that our respective love lives have hurled at all of us over the years, the humble romantic comedy has always been there to help us to make sense of it all. And let's be honest, the best rom coms of the '00s are quite honestly just some of the best romantic comedies of all time. So much so that I think I speak for most people when I say that everyone has their particular favorite movie from this era. But what does your favorite '00s rom com say about you? Believe it or not, your '00s romantic comedy of choice is incredibly revealing.

For some of these movies, it's clear that we love them because we in some way see a part of ourselves in the female protagonist. For others, there's a specific tone to the movie that seems to define the way that we look at life, the world, and love as a whole. But there's no escaping it. Whichever '00s romantic comedy is your own personal comfort blanket during times of romantic strife and struggle says a great deal more about you than you may realize. And that, quite honestly, makes me want to re-watch every single one of these movies immediately...

'Bridget Jones's Diary' (2001)

You refuse to change yourself for anyone, and damn right that's the case. While you love a good romance, nothing makes you happier than a night in with a bottle of wine, some junk food, and some trash TV. Amen to that.

'How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days' (2003)

You can be a bit of a game player, but only because you know exactly what you want and refuse to settle for anything less. And if that means making someone work hard for your affections, then so be it.

'27 Dresses' (2008)

You've attended more weddings in the past decade than you have actual, notable dates of any merit. Thankfully, that doesn't mean that you've given up hope of finding that special someone. In fact, it's only given you more hope.

'Love Actually' (2003)

You completely believe that love, like Christmas, is a miracle making slice of magic, full of bold statements and grand gestures.

'500 Days Of Summer' (2009)

Oh, you poor tortured fool. As both a dreamer and a realist, you often find yourself trapped between the idealism of what you want to happen and the cynicism of what will actually happen. You have a thorough indie playlist that you update on a regular basis to help you through your heartache(s).

'13 Going On 30' (2004)

Um, more like 30 going on 13, right? You're totally in touch with your inner child and think life is for playing. You're yet to settle down with the right person, but who cares when you're having this much fun?

'Sweet Home Alabama' (2002)

Damn, Cupid, you're about as romantic as they get. And, sure, you put up a tough exterior, but underneath it you're just a big, soppy puppy dog, looking for the grandest of loves.

'The Holiday' (2006)

You believe in following your impulses and taking risks in order to make yourself happy. The place you call home might always be changing, but the contents of your loyal heart are totally set in stone.

'High Fidelity' (2000)

Ouch, you're a cynical one. In fact, whenever a love affair goes wrong, you immediately start listening to songs that remind you of exes from years ago. You know, just to reaffirm the fact that love is basically just eternal suffering, right? Yikes.

'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' (2002)

You have an enormous family and understand that whoever dates you has to basically also surreptitiously date every member of your family. It's a hindrance, sure, but you love your family and know that deep down they know who the right person is for you.

'Kissing Jessica Stein' (2001)

You're of the understanding that sexuality is totally fluid and thus fall in love with people, not their gender identity. Whoever you love, you do so passionately and with supreme loyalty.

'Confessions Of A Shopaholic' (2009)

Look, you're a hedonist, and that's cool — you just love putting your own personal pleasure before anything else. In spite of that though, you know that the ultimate pleasure is love and prioritize it above your own pursuit of superficial pleasures — as great as they may be. Yes, even shopping.

'Coyote Ugly' (2000)

You're a party girl at heart, but you're also an absolute sweetheart. That means that you need a romantic partner who can respect your need to dance on a bar whenever you damn well feel like it without calling you out for it. And rightly so, too.

'Serendipity' (2001)

Because you're a firm believer in the power of destiny, you refuse to use dating apps or any other technology to find love. Instead, you're just going to let fate do its bidding and be done with it. It's totally going to work, guys.

'Wedding Crashers' (2005)

You have a firm understanding that love can get messy, painful, complicated, and even a little childish at times. You can also laugh it all off because, deep down, you know that true love can conquer all of that. Well, either true love or a truly great party. One of the two.

'Miss Congeniality' (2000)

You were probably a tomboy when you were a kid and still feel at your most confident in a pair of well tailored jeans. You're smart, tough, and, hell, you're an absolute bombshell on every level. But you have a tendency to hide all those facts under a thick layer of shy humility. Which, like, enough — it's time to start showing off how awesome you are, lady.

See? I bet you didn't realize all of these sides of yourself were on display when you were queuing up one of these films for the 100th time. You're welcome.