This Zodiac Sign Is More Likely To Get Their Ice Cream In A Cup Instead Of A Cone

by Brittany Bennett
Young woman hands holding ice cream cones on summer

Most people like ice cream. Of course, not everybody adores the same flavors — some people might prefer soft serve, while others might prefer dairy-free options. But the luscious churned treat that sits pretty in cups and on cones is enjoyed, in one of its many forms and combinations, by the entire zodiac. Wafer cookie company, Loacker, conducted a very important National Ice Cream Month survey to see how every zodiac sign enjoys ice cream and the results may surprise you.

You may expect Geminis to go for the double scoop to satisfy the sweet teeth of their dual personality. And while that may be the case for some Gems (I'm raising my hand), it doesn't ~fully~ capture their ice cream habits. Some zodiac signs are more likely to prefer an alternative milk based ice cream, while others are all about that dairy base. From specialty parlors to convenient store ice chests, there are very particular ways that zodiac signs prefer to pick up their treat.

July is National Ice Cream Month and everyday is worthy of a celebration. Depending on your zodiac sign there may be a particular way you favor your fix. And thanks to Loacker's research and survey, we have the ~scoop~. There's even a sweet infographic for you to explore the habits of the zodiac at the ice cream parlor!



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Forget specialty scoops like cayenne chocolate. According to Loacker's survey Aries are "least likely to prefer a spicy sweet combination." Stick to what you know you like, right Ram?


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It's very ~Taurus~ to appreciate the aesthetics of a cone. From the round scoop to the pleasing single drip down the front of the cone to the toppings that garnish it. Per Loacker's survey, Taurus "prefers wafers on their frozen treats the most." What Taurus isn't into a little decor?


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You might be picking up more than just ice cream at the parlor. Per the survey, "more than half" of Geminis "use shopping as a feel-good activity." Self-care for the twin stars may include a double scoop and a few pints to take home from the trendy parlor down the street.


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Cones crumble. It can sometimes feel like chaos. And comfort seeking Cancer is not here for a sticky, crumby mess. "Cancer eats frozen treats from a cup the most," the survey reports. A cup feels good in the hand.


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Who needs to endure the long summer lines at a fancy ice cream parlor? Leo knows there's more to life than standing in line. So, when struck with a craving for ice cream, Leo is "most likely to buy their frozen treats from a convenient store."


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Virgo isn't about opening the freezer to pull out a pint and take it to the couch. This hardworking and organized sign prefers to take a break. Per the survey, Virgo "goes out for ice cream the most." You know how to get out after a day's work!


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There's coconut based ice cream and almond based ice cream and about a million alternative bases to choose from the freezer section these days. But more than 75 percent of Libra zodiac signs who took the survey "prefer dairy-based frozen treats." You can try to ~balance~ your dairy intake with nut based scoops, but when it comes to dessert, you prefer to keep it classic.


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Leave it to your sexy, passionate sign to not indulge in ice cream alone. Scorpio is, of course, "most likely to enjoy a frozen treat with their significant other." That'll be two straws for a single milkshake, please.


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Your adventure loving sign makes the 31 flavors in the glowing ice cream case below you a great adventure. Per the survey, "79 percent of Sagittarius enjoy good food or snacks as a feel-good activity." Your spontaneous sign may also get a kick out of trying a new ice cream shop or unique flavor.


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When it comes to getting ice cream, you'd rather not head to the parlor by yourself. Per the survey, "Capricorn enjoys picking up ice cream with others the most." Hey, they don't call it an ice cream social for nothing.


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When it comes to ice cream flavors, Aquarius "enjoys a tangy and sweet combination the most." Sounds like a double scoop is crucial.


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Of all the signs, Pisces knows how to go with the flow. This creative sign finds the romance in going out for an ice cream cone. "90 percent invest time at least once a week in feel good activities," according to the survey. You're dedicated to a self-care routine weekly — especially if it involves a frozen treat.