What Flavor Your Signature Wedding Drink Should Be, Based On Your Sign

by Megan Grant
Drink and wedding cocktails yellow and orange

These days, traditional weddings have perhaps taken a backseat to events more personalized, because why wouldn't you want a bouncy castle and a s'mores bar instead of cake, if given the opportunity? If you're trying to customize your menu to make it uniquely you, you're in the right place: We're talking about what flavor your signature wedding drink should be, based on your sign.

It might very well have been the royal wedding that got us thinking about flavors. Harry and Meghan were allegedly considering banana for their wedding cake — which is already wonderfully unusual — but in a sudden twist of events, they were all, "JK! It's lemon elderflower!"

Then, the world collectively responded, "It's what? What's lemon elderflower? We don't care! We love it anyway!"

Since then, we've all felt the need to up our flavor game, because limiting ourselves to chocolate and vanilla just seems so wrong.

It's not just about your cake, though. What about the beverages? Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks alike can be personalized with a flavor of your choosing to match your own style and personality — whether it's light and fruity or bold and heavy. No matter who you are, there's a drink flavor out there for you.

Here's what to go with, based on your zodiac sign.



two glasses with an orange drink and an orange slice with tubules on a dark concrete background close-upShutterstock

Active and energetic Aries is like a ray of sunshine. You can't go wrong with orange. It's sweet but citrusy, making it the perfect mixer or stand-alone flavor.



Taurus is a true romantic, and according to, the pomegranate is a symbol of love. Plus, it's packed with antioxidants and tastes like heaven in your mouth. Win!



Gemini is known for being fun-loving and carefree. They want a signature flavor that will keep them energized and ready for action all night long. There's only one answer: coffee. Oh yes. White Russians and coffee martinis and plain old coffee? Bring it.



Dragon Fruit Cut Cross Section Close UpShutterstock

Cancer has an incredible imagination and sense of creativity. They want something a little out of the ordinary wedding box. This calls for dragonfruit. It's unique, flavorful, and photographs beautifully for the 'gram.



Leo is one of a kind. What works for other signs won't work for them. They want something daring and brave. They want... cherry. Oh yes, cherry. Their wedding guests might not totally understand the decision, but Leo makes the rules.



Virgo knows how to appreciate the subtle things in life, so a signature flavor that's a little more muted is right up their alley. Lavender is soft and simple yet unique and unforgettable. And the aroma is pretty much amazing.



Libra is the social butterfly of the zodiac, and they want a flavor all of their guests will enjoy sipping on. Peach is sweet but subtle, and adding alcohol makes for the perfect martini.



Nobody is more mysterious than Scorpio. They want a signature flavor that makes their guests go, "Wait... what the heck is that?" Now's the time for lemon elderflower — yes, the flavor of the royal wedding cake. Delicious? Of course. Identifiable? Probably not.



Cold strawberry drink with strawberry slices and mintShutterstock

Upbeat and optimistic, Sagittarius is looking for a flavor that can keep up with their positivity. It needs to be something light and fruity. It needs to be strawberry.



Capricorn craves something rich and decadent, and chocolate is the only way to go for their big day. Whether nonalcoholic or spiked, you can't go wrong here. Bonus points if you serve chocolate milk with a curly straw.



Aquarius is always the most practical of the zodiac, and choosing their signature flavor is a no-brainer: vanilla. It's classic, timeless, and goes with everything. Plus, when was the last time you heard someone say they don't like vanilla? That would be... never.



Nothing gives Pisces life like the summer season, and what gives off summer vibes more than watermelon? Drink the juice straight up or mix it with something that has a kick for a signature beverage flavor that's refreshing and delightful. Bottoms up!