What’s Closed On Labor Day 2018? You Won’t Be Able To Visit These Places During The Holiday

Kat Wade/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Labor Day weekend is an excellent time to relax, enjoy the last bits of summer, and pay homage to the history and evolution of America's working forces. And what better way to support the history of the working class than by, well a vacation day? You're not the only one with a day off work, so you'll want to know what's closed on Labor Day 2018, as you might have to do a little preparation before the weekend begins.

While you should be OK as far as food and essentials, as grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies will be open, government run offices and organizations will be closed. So, if you have an important package that needs to be somewhere by early next week, make sure mail it before the holiday weekend. Everything from school campuses to bank services will be closed on Monday, so if you're looking for an excuse to push back your errands, you've got it! Other than hanging out, socializing, shopping and eating, there isn't much for you to do on Labor Day, literally. So just enjoy having the excuse of closed businesses while you can!



School is out! All schools across the country are absolutely and completely closed on Labor Day, rejoice!



Head to the bank on Friday before you head out for the holiday weekend. While you'll likely find ATMs that are operating on Labor Day, all banks and financial services will be suspended.

Post Office


If you've got an important letter to mail or bill to pay, make sure you do it on Friday before the holiday weekend — the post office will definitely be closed on Labor Day.



If you ordered a package through FedEx, you're not going to get it on Labor Day as all postal services are suspended.



If you ordered a package through UPS, you'll have to wait until Tuesday to receive it.



Stock up on beach reads before the holiday weekend, all libraries will be closed on Labor Day. Most libraries will be accepting drop offs, but check with your local branch to be sure.



If you were looking for an excuse to put off going to the DMV, lucky you, it's closed on Labor Day. If you were hoping to get a DMV trip over with on your day off, unfortunately that won't be possible.



Amtrak trains will be running over Labor Day weekend, but they will be operating on a holiday schedule. Make sure you check online before booking tickets, as some lines might be limited.

Bus Services


Most bus companies will be open and running, though many of them will be operating on a holiday schedule. Check your local bus station's website to look out for limited schedules or adjusted fairs.



Whatever business you have at city hall will have to wait until Tuesday, because the government building is closed. Aka, if you were thinking about a last minute Labor Day city hall wedding, you'll have to tie the knot before or after the holiday weekend.

Parking Garages


Well this is technically a plus! Parking garages will be unattended, so parking will be free. Additionally, parking meeter maids will not be active, so legal metered parking spots are free on Labor Day too. Alternate side parking will be suspended until midnight.

Stock Market


The stock market will be closed on Labor Day, so if you have any plans of buying or selling, you'll have to wait until Tuesday.