Here's What Will Close On President's Day

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It's almost the long weekend and you're going to want to know what's closed on Presidents Day 2017, because lots of businesses totally will be and others will have special hours. That said, tons of businesses will be open, so don't stress out to much. For instance, if you're planning on heading to a clothing department store like Macy's or Bloomingdales, not only can you expect them to be open, but you can expect major sales and super sweet deals that rival Black Friday. And if you're looking for your morning caffeine fix, you won't have to worry about Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts being closed, because they're open with regular hours. And if you want to use your day off to hit the grocery store and finally replace that Brita filter and and give your Seamless account a break, you'll be glad to know that most grocery and supply stores will be open with regular hours.

Yes, most of your favorite stores will not only be open for business but will have some serious sales going on. They know you're home from work and school and they want you to come in, so there's all sorts of desirable and attractive sales going on. Perhaps it's time to get that flat screen you missed out on Black Friday?

No pressure, though — if you don't feel like spending money, there's nothing wrong with staying home all day and binge watching your favorite new or returning winter show (I know that's what I'll be doing). But for the sake of avoiding running into an unexpected closing, here's a list of the businesses that will definitely be closed:

Post Office

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All U.S. post offices will be closed on Presidents Day, so don't bother trying to mail anything and don't sit around waiting for any packages, all the post men and women will be at home enjoying the day off, too.


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Did you know that libraries are government businesses? If you're looking for a good book to cozy up to on your day off, you'll have to get it a day early or head to the local book shop, all libraries will be closed on Presidents Day.


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If you were thinking about using your day off to brave the DMV and finally get that over-expired driver's license handled, good for you for even considering it, alas the DMV will be closed. You'll have to waste another day at the DMV. Spend Presidents Day doing something way more fun and less frustrating.


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Most major banks will be closed on Presidents Day so you'll have to hold off on depositing those millions or paying any bills for the day. ATMs should be open but to be safe, you'll want to get your finances in order before the holiday weekend.

Enjoy the holiday weekend, y'all — and hitting up these places that are closed for business next week!