Don't Expect To See The Same Old, Indecisive Dean On This Season Of 'BiP'

John Sciulli/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It may only be one week into the season, but Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 is already proving to be chock-full of drama, mostly thanks to Blake's complicated history with Caelynn and Kristina. And soon, a guy who also has some experience in juggling women on the show will be joining him. However, considering what Dean has been up to since BiP Season 4, it seems he's taken some time to reflect on his past mistakes — and experienced a few exciting adventures along the way.

Most fans know that the best way to see what Bachelor Nation alums have been up to is to look through their Instagrams. Dean's is loaded with photos of fun Bachelor-related reunions and events as well as amazing trips all around the world. There's no denying that he loves to travel and takes every opportunity he can to visit as many different places as possible: one quick look at his feed is enough to leave anyone with major travel FOMO. However, one of the most significant changes in Dean's life since being on Paradise is his podcast, which he started with co-hosts and fellow Bachelor alums Vanessa Grimaldi and Jared Haibon.

"And so it's come to this... Much to my own chagrin, I've decided to start a podcast," Dean posted on his Instagram in September 2017 when the podcast launched. "After coming to the realization that I suck at dating, I'll consult experts and exes to hopefully become better at relationships and be a better human."

The podcast is called "Help, I Suck at Dating" and can be found on the iHeartRadio app. New episodes are uploaded each week, and the latest one even dives into all of the recent Bachelor in Paradise drama. That could help shed some insight on where Dean stands on the whole Blake and Caelynn thing — though his recent tweets may have already clued you in on that.

Launching podcasts has become a popular undertaking within the Bachelor Nation community. Several alums have their own podcasts, including Ashley I. and Ben Higgins as well as Nick Viall. But it's interesting that Dean chose to lean into his past relationship failings and attempt to grow as an individual by way of this podcast. He found himself in a complicated love triangle with Kristina and Danielle L. during Season 4, which didn't end well, to put it mildly. Hopefully this project has helped him do some self-reflection and learn how to better navigate any relationships he may find himself in this season.

Aside from that, Dean's life has been full of adventures, with a few spon-con posts thrown in every so often. (Hey, these adventures don't pay for themselves!)

From Hawaii to Singapore to Iceland to Venice, Dean has certainly been living his best life — all while playing around with some interesting facial hair decisions. But as for whether or not his time in Paradise will go more smoothly than last time? We'll just have to wait and see.