See Beyonce's 2017 Valentine's Day Collection

by Kali Borovic

All eyes have been on Beyonce and her baby announcement lately, but don't let that distract you. She's got another exciting announcement on her website for all your fashion lovers out there. Beyonce created a Valentine's Day clothing collection, and it's every bit as trendy as the rest of her line. What's in the line, you ask? While it's not as big of a launch as her past collections, these are some of the best items yet.

When it comes to Valentine's Day, there are a few different ways to go sartorially. You can either dress up in heels and your favorite LBD or go the trendy route. Thanks to Beyonce's clothing line, the latter just got a lot more favorable. The soon-to-be mother of three created eight V-Day items that send quite the message.

While some accessories are splattered with lemons, it's the sweatshirts that caught my attention. The pink hoodie and grey crew neck says "Beyonce" across the front, but instead of having an "O", there's a heart that says "nothing real can be threatened." That's a pretty powerful post-Lemonade statement, if you ask me.

If those aren't for you, then maybe the candy heart "Kiss Up, Rub Up, Feel Up" crop top is more your style. Either way, you really can't go wrong. Here's a look at all the items, so you can stock up before the holiday.

1. Nothing Real Pink Hoodie

Nothing Real Pink Hoodie, $60,

The bright pink color is perfect for the holiday.

2. Lemon Set

Grey Lemon Intimate Set, $50,

Because it wouldn't be a collection without something with lemons on it.

3. Emoji Set

White Most Bomb Intimates Set, $50,

The emojis say it all.

4. Nothing Real Crew Neck

Nothing Real Crew Neck, $60,

If the bright pink color isn't for you, there's the grey crew neck instead.

5. Lemon iPhone Case

Beyonce Lemon iPhone Case, $25,

This one isn't all about V-Day, but it is new to the line.

6. Pink Emoji Set

Pink Most Bomb Intimate Set, $50,

There's even a pink set to get you in the holiday spirit.

7. All Night Candy Crop

All Night Candy Crop, $40,

This one is my personal favorite.

8. Lemon Bandana

Lemon Bandana, $24,

Another accessory just for the heck of it.

Honestly, you could wear all of these items all year 'round. I'd shop them while you can though, because something tells me that they won't be around for long