Fenty Beauty's 2018 Holiday Collection Is Here & It'll Give You Chills

When it comes to launching products, Fenty Beauty can't stop, won't stop. The Rihanna crafted brand is on a major makeup roll right now, and the hits (seriously, everything looks amazing) just keep on coming. The Fenty Beauty Chillowt Holiday Collection has made its Instagram debut in all of its glory, and it's got fans saying goodbye to their paychecks and hello to some winter makeup must-haves.

On Thursday, Fenty Beauty decided to drop the mother of all holiday collections on fans, and from the packaging to the products, it's going to give you chills and not just because it's frost and ice themed. Rihanna's latest collection appears to be filled with new lip, eye, and cheek products that are going to have fans rocking major color for the holiday season. While the brand hasn't given details on every item in the collection, it's not too difficult to make guesses about what's coming next.

In the image, fans may recognize pieces of the collection that have already debuted online, but seeing the products together makes the news even more exciting. If you've been wondering what's next for Rihanna and Fenty Beauty, the brand and its creator are giving you the first look.

This week, Rihanna debuted two items from her Chillowt Collection. The first is the biggest item in the bunch, the Killawatt Foil Palette. Inside, fans of the brand will get a whopping seven shades of Killawatt Foil highlighters as well as a mirror.

Next up, Rihanna revealed a set of three cream multi-use eye and lip pencils in a set called Frost Money. They mark a brand new product for the brand, and in their debut post on Instagram are described as metallic creams that can be used as basically anything from eyeliner to a lip product.

Fenty Beauty's subsequent post explained that they'll be dropping the rest of the collection information throughout the week, but it's not hard to see what could be coming next. There appears to be a richer, more warm-toned set of the same cream lip and cheek pencils as those in Frost Money.

Then, it's clear to see that new Mattemosielle lipsticks are headed fans way, too. There appears two sets of three colors are each, and while a few could be existing colors, it looks far more likely that the brand is about to debut six brand new shades of the formula.

Then, there's those seven clear jars. While you should never put it past Rihanna to innovate something brand new, those certainly appear to be pigments. Given how multi-use the rest of the collection is, you're probably about to get loose highlight and eyeshadow pigments from the brand.

If the sneak peek at the Fenty Beauty Chillowt Holiday Collection has given you serious chills, mark your calendar because it's coming soon. All of the new Fenty goods will be available online at Fenty Beauty's website, Sephora's website, and in-stores at Sephora on Oct. 12. Get ready to glow, Fenty fans.