Kylie Just Revealed Her Valentine’s Day Collection & It’ll Make Your Heart Go On & On

Whether it's in the relationship you share with a significant other or the tight bond you have with your blending sponges, love is undoubtedly making a cameo this month. However you plan celebrating V-Day, you'll probably start it with full glam, and since Kylie Cosmetics' Valentine's Day collection is launching soon, your look will match the holiday aesthetic.

These days, Instagram is the spot for high-profile celebrity makeup lines to be unveiled, and Kylie is no exception. The makeup mogul got fans excited in the week leading up to the Instagram Story reveal, sharing a campaign photo of herself in a pixie cut perched up on her own name, donning red glitter. This collection is probably just as extra as that description sounds, and fans are here for the beauty love bug.

The collection features three different sets containing a liquid lipstick, a liner, and a high gloss, as well as a 12-shade eyeshadow palette, a blush, and one glitter eye. This launch is packed with so many playful pink, nude, and red hues that you'll probably fall in love with your own face everyday after packing these products on.

Let's also take a moment to appreciate the packaging on this collection, because what's more mesmerizing than red glitter and lace bras on your eyeshadow palette?

"I wanted this collection cool, calm, and collected, small, and yup, that's it," she said in her stories. It's anything but that.

In a palette filled with equal parts mattes and shimmers, Kylie shared the Valentine palette with some highly pigmented (and universal) shades. There's "Heartthrob", a light champagne shade, "Princess", a nude peach, "Blush", a bronze shimmer, "Pink Problems" a mauve pink, "Be Mine", a pink shimmer shade, "February, a blush matte, "Romance" a grape purple, "Kandy Heart", a hot pink, "Kinda Classy", a bright gold, "First Date", a muted red, "Love Bug", a rose gold shade, and "Admirer", a matte plum. Each matte has a sister shimmer shade and its perfect for a quick makeup fix.

The Forever Set includes these pink nude lip shades in "Built To Last", a matte lippie, "Story of Us", a high gloss, and "Forever and Always" as the lip liner.

You can totally pop these on your smackers if you're in for a low-key Valentine's Day, or if you're just as obsessed with nude lips as the next beauty lover.

The Love Set is a mauve rose kit that features a group of hues perfect for more complexions in the medium range.

This one is so pigmented, you might even be so bold to chance it on your lid. The opportunities are endless.

A Valentine's Day makeup line can't be without a bright bold red to ring it all in, so Kylie is delivering fans "Beau", "Call Me", and "Blow Me Away".

Kylie may be competition for older sister Kim's Classic Red Lip, because this lip set could definitely give her a run for her money.

Kylie also revealed another one of her glitter eyes in the shade "Roses Are Red", which is surprisingly a bright pink. Go figure.

Despite the young billionaire already having launched a series of blushes, bronzers and highlighters, she had to throw in a zinger for V-day in this peach shade named "Crush".

There's an endless amount of romantic looks you can create with this Valentine's collection whether it be for date night or just to be a teasing minx.