Your Fave Beauty YouTuber Just Launched An Epic Summer Palette

It's here! Manny MUA's newly-launched Lunar Beauty has finally revealed its very first product. The Manny Mua x Lunar Beauty Life's a Drag palette is a rainbow of colors. It features 14 pans of "WOWZA!" eyeshadows, in both matte and shimmer formulas. There are several neutrals, as well as plenty of bright, adventurous, and daring shades. They can all be mixed, matched, and combined for a variety of looks. The palette also comes packaged with its own dual-ended brush. The tool will assist you in creating epic eyes.

"Mannyacs," which is the affectionate nickname the beloved YouTuber and influencer has for his fans and followers, are already "all in" with Life's a Drag.

It's truly a day-to-night palette. The neutrals make it an "all day, any day" collection, while the bright colors can be used as accent shades. Or you can go big and go bold and utilize those as the base on which to build your look. It all depends on the occasion and your personal style.

The one constant is that the Lunar Beauty Life's a Drag palette can be worn by all!

The palette will be available for sale as of Saturday, June 2 at 11 a.m. PT, which is 2 p.m. ET. So you can program a reminder in your smart phone of choice to shop this beauty when it's available for purchase.

Check out the powder swatches! Don't you want to dive right in!? Those names, though! So kitschy and fun. The Life's a Drag palette features staples like black and white, which can help you intensify or tone down other accompanying shades. The neutrals look like they will pair beautifully with one another or with any of the jewel toned shades. Manny MUA has legit thought of everything with his first palette and the debut product for his brand.

We've already gone under the hood for a peek at the hues that comprise the palette. Here's the outer packaging. The eyes have it with Life's a Drag.

The Manny MUA faithful are already here for this palette and are pledging to purchase.

It's the palette they've all been waiting for and wanting, it seems.

Users like the variety offered within the palette. It's truly a rainbow for lids.

Now that's some serious dedication!

This user, like so many others, loves that Manny MUA went for it and didn't play it safe. He opted for a healthy selection of bright, poppin' colors.

Mannyacs are already dreaming up ways to use these shades. It really landed with quite an impact.

It's got something for everyone. Some users also commented how the shade spectrum reminds them of the colors of the Pride flag. It sounds like Manny MUA has a winner on his hands with Lunar Beauty's very first launch!

Here's the first campaign image, which demonstrates the inclusivity and gorgeousness of Life's a Drag.

The brand shared a bunch of teases leading up to the reveal.

Anyone can use this palette — male or female, dark-skinned or light! If you prefer softer, more wearable looks, you can create those with the palette. If you like to experiment or be as dramatic and glamorous as possible, the Life's a Drag palette gives you that option, as well.

In case you were wondering, Lunar Beauty and Life's a Drag are cruelty-free. So you can nab the palette in good conscience and use it without feeling guilty if you have animal sympathies.

If future Lunar Beauty launches are as epic as the first, Manny MUA's brand is going to be a real contender in the beauty realm.