Nordstrom's K-Pop-In Is A K-Beauty Lover's Dream


There's no secret about it. Korean beauty is one of the biggest trends right now, and it certainly isn't going anywhere. From sheet masks to snail enzyme, the country's products seem to be everywhere. Now, Nordstrom's K-Pop-In shop is going to bring K-beauty to the major department store and give even more beauty lovers a chance to try out some of the best and brightest products that K-beauty has to offer. From BB creams to bath accessories, this pop-in shop is totally immersing customers into the world of K-beauty, and it's filled to the brim of some incredible products.

K-beauty's massive fame has been steadily rising. In fact, I'd argue that it's far more than a trend now. With BB Creams and sheet masks as newly minted staples in beauty junkies' routines, the trend has now just become part of the beauty industry as a whole — at least when it comes to the Western beauty industry — and Nordstrom is making sure that it stays that way.

The Pop-in shop will feature products from Oneohseven, Abbamart, TPSY, Dongwha, and Cool Enough Studio as well as other well-known K-beauty brands. Between the five promoted brands, Nordstrom shoppers can try everything from lip tints to makeup brushes to serums. It's basically a best of K-beauty shop, and it's available until Mar. 26.

What are some of the products you could snag at the oh-so-chic Pop-In?

1. One-O-Seven

One-oh-Seven Core Flex Essential Liquid, $64, Nordstrom

Been wanting to try a serum? Look no further than this "secret" formula.

2. Abbamart

Abbamart 10-Piece Brush Set, $60, Nordstrom

Who doesn't love a great set of brushes?


TPSY Absoliptly Lipstick, $18, Nordstrom

I'll take a long-lasting lipstick any day.

4. Dongwha

Dongwha Whal Myung Skin Elixir, $42, Nordstrom

This specially formulated elixir sounds so luxurious, and it's on my must-have list.

5. Cool Enough Studio

Cool Enough Studio The Mirror Table Mirror, $58, Nordstrom

So chic.

If you've been wanting to try out K-beauty or if you're already a huge fan, the Nordstrom K-Pop-In shop is a great excuse for you to indulge your skin!