Outdoor Voices' New Studio Collection Is Going To Have You Hitting The Barre ASAP

When it comes to athletic gear, you may be all about performance, comfort, or style, and all of those elements are valid ways to decide what to shop. Outdoor Voices' new Studio Collection, however, combines all of the best elements of athletic clothing with serious style and color that'll have you abandoning your old faves, shopping these new duds, and booking your new studio fitness session as soon as possible.

Outdoor Voices has long been known for their high quality, comfortable athletic wear (all you have to do is look at the reviews on their pieces) and laid back approach to fitness. In fact, you could really say that Outdoor Voices approach to fitness isn't really an approach to fitness at all. It's an approach to movement without the sometimes pressurized term fitness. That's where their Doing Things motto comes in, and it's what's going to have you feeling bright and colorful and ready to "do things" in their new Studio Collection.

The brand's newest set of gear is designed specifically with studio based classes like barre, yoga, and Zumba in mind. For Outdoor Voices, this means stretchy fabric that moves with you as you participate in your class, and they're launching a brand new fabric to meet this goal. Their new TissueWeave fabric is a stretchy crepe that's meant to keep you warm in studios (because if you've been to one, you know they're often chilly) but still allow for freedom of movement.

The collection launched on Feb. 19 and features everything from bralettes to high-rise leggings and even a wrap dress. Basically, its everything you need to go from a class at your local studio to brunch with friends afterward.

As for the prices, they range from $45 to $90, the standard cost of most of Outdoor Voices' existing pieces. The only drawback of the new collection from the brand is the size range. Currently, the new Studio Collection only comes in sizes S-XL or 0-14 according to the brand's size guide.

If you're on the hunt for some fun new gear for your next sessions, it's time to check out Outdoor Voice's new Studio Collection and what's new from the brand.


Hi-Rise Leggings

Wrap Tops



Wrap Skirt

Tank Top


Wrap Dress

If you love a good studio session or basically live in athleisure, the new Outdoor Voices Studio Collection may just be your favorite yet for the brand. The pieces are available on the site now, so grab your new gear and live your best neon-hued life.