Amber Rose Created A Super Sexy Clothing Collection & You'll Want To Buy Everything

Courtesy of Simply Be

Amber Rose wants women of all sizes to feel sexy and to not have to think too hard or have to try too hard to find clothes they like or that look good. The Simply Be Edited by Amber Rose fashion collection arrives on June 21 and it's a carefully curated summer range that is sexy AF.

When Bustle spoke to the model and SlutWalk founder in advance of the launch, she told us that the pieces are "definitely meant for women of all sizes" and that "I kept everything in mind for every shape."

She furthered, "I wanted there to be stretch in all the clothing. Whether you are top heavy or bottom heavy, I wanted the line to have stretch [so it could] fit all sorts of curves and any shape."

She wasn't kidding. You can see the range of silhouettes, which highlight and celebrate those killer curves. There is plenty of clingy fabric in millennial pink and black and super cute dresses. These pieces are designed to suit an array of personal styles and a variety of occasions.

The Simply Be Edited by Amber Rose Collection spans U.S. sizes 6 through 32. The aesthetic is bold and encourages women to flaunt their bodies and to be empowered by their clothing. The collection and its creator are unapologetic.

Courtesy of Simply Be

Rather, Rose is proud to offer so many options for fellow women via a brand that has been leading the charge when its comes to inclusive sizing. The goal was best fits, solid quality, and uncompromising style. Mission accomplished.

Courtesy of Simply Be

"All women should have access to clothes that make them feel sexy, stylish and confident, and working with Simply Be allowed me to bring fearless fashion to women from sizes 6 to 32," says Rose. "I hope that everyone who wears the collection will feel empowered to love their bodies, celebrate their curves, and be the best versions of their true selves."

Courtesy of Simply Be

The Simply Be Edited by Amber Rose collection includes 25 pieces. There are leggings and crop tops, too! The prices start at $25 and go up to $40. So this is range offers accessible inclusivity. You don't have to fight to find your fit or break the bank to pay for it!

1. Liquid Leggings

The blush version tempers the hawtness of the fabric. It's sexy and sweet.

2. Tank Dress

3. Liquid Bodysuit

4. Off the Shoulder

5. Wide-Legged Jumpsuit

6. Drapey Dress

7. Maxed Out

8. Vinyl Pencil Skirt

9. Hoodie

10. Cropped Leggings

The Simply Be Edited by Amber Rose collection is solid, neutral colors, which get a boost from the fit and fabric. Inclusive is as sexy as ever.