The ASOS x MTV Collection Is Deliciously '80s

Courtesy of ASOS

While the '90s are the nostalgia-inducing, decade du jour for millennials, with lots of trends, like chokers, brown lipsticks, Steve Madden stretchy slides, and flannel coming back into fashion, the '80s were pretty rad, too! The new ASOS x MTV fashion collection is all about the '80s and streetwear trends of that era, thanks to denim jackets with classic MTV logo patches fastened to the back, jeans, tees, pants, dresses, swimwear, and other accessories. The ASOS x MTV collection is marked by flashy prints and loud, neon colors, and items like fanny packs, socks, beanies, and more, according to Women's Wear Daily.

Yes, fanny packs! Those are so uncool that they become cool by default.

The 20-piece collection arrives on Friday, Jun. 23. If you want your MTV, you are going to get it via ASOS and this new limited edition range. So go ahead and program a shopping reminder in your smartphone now.

While MTV has drifted away from playing music videos and being the ultimate visual representation of all things music in favor of the VMAs, reality shows like Teen Mom, and a mix of other culturally-dictated and millennial-focused programming, this fashion collection harks back to the look and style from the earliest glory days of the channel, thanks to its shapes, silhouettes, and shades.

Courtesy of ASOS

MTV Shirt with Long Sleeves and Logo Print, $48, ASOS

Designer Sian Ryan told WWD, "It was exciting to be able to create a credible fashion range that wasn't just your typical T-shirt collaboration. The collection includes so many statement pieces and the '80s decade provided so much great inspiration for graphics, print and color." Well, this capsule certainly boasts lots of dauntless, fearless fashion looks.

Courtesy of ASOS

Track Jacket, $51, ASOS

The pieces are certainly in your face and adventurous.

Courtesy of ASOS

One Shoulder Ruffle Dress, $76, ASOS

That ruffle, though! I could totally see Madonna or Cyndi Lauper having rocked something similar. That mixed print totally slays.

Long Sleeve T-shirt with Gradient Glitch, $42, ASOS

It's nostalgic without being too retro or ripe for a Halloween costume. You can add some snazzy pizazz to basics by incorporating any of these pieces into your wardrobe.