What's In The Moschino x H&M Collection? Here's All Of The Pieces You're Going To Want To Buy


Jeremy Scott, creative director of mega fashion brand Moschino, is renowned for putting the McDonald's logo on the catwalk, sticking teddy bear heads onto trainers, and transforming cleaning products into must-have phone cases. So it was only inevitable that a high street collection from the man itself would be hugely anticipated by fans everywhere. Teaming up with H&M, the 43-year-old is ready to give everyone a piece of his ultra-dramatic pie. But is his more affordable range worth it? Here's what's in the Moschino x H&M collection.

The line, which goes on sale both in-store and online on November 8, mixes sportswear with high-octane glamour. There's shocking metallic sequins, buckled leather designs, Moschino-branded denim, and even an outfit or two for your dog. Yes, really. Fans of Scott's particular brand of kitsch will also be glad to see MTV and Disney-inspired pieces popping up here and there.

With a lookbook featuring transgender model Teddy Quinlivan, drag queen Aquaria, and body positive activist-slash-model Barbie Ferreira, the collection has been designed with diversity in mind. Although there are pieces marketed for men and women, each item can be worn by absolutely anyone.

Scott has spoken openly about wanting the line to be democratic, choosing a price range from £9.99 to £299.99 so that fans can invest in Moschino without spending too considerable a portion of their savings. Here's some of the best bits to look out for next month.

1. The Glitziest Winter Coat


Not for the faint-hearted, this is the ultimate way to stand out in the winter crowd. £229.99

2. A Retro Hoodie


Part of the MTV collab, this zip-up hoodie is perfect for paying homage to the '90s. £119.99

3. The Moschino Biker Jacket


One of the stand-out leather pieces of the collection is this fitted leather jacket complete with gold buckles and chains. £299.99

4. A Collaborative Tee


This MTV/Moschino design could be worth some serious dollar in years to come. Simple yet effective. £29.99

5. Snazzy Trousers


These would definitely have been on my Christmas list when I was 10. And may just make a reappearance this year. £79.99

6. Next Year's Festival Look


Pair your MTV/Moschino tee with the matching bumbag. It's the festival get-up you never knew you needed. £49.99

7. A Cropped Puffer


Again, this is something I never realised I was missing. Vibrant and cosy, it'll work across all the seasons (except maybe summer). £119.99

8. A Metallic Biker Jacket


If you hadn't noticed, this collection is very jacket-heavy. The black version too subtle for you? Then this one's your best bet. £249.99

9. A Glam Faux Fur


No autumn/winter collection is complete without a (faux) fur coat. Scott's version is hot pink and embroidered with golden chains. What's not to love? £149.99

10. A Quacking Dress


Combine Donald and Daphne Duck with a black fishnet dress and you have one sartorial dream. £79.99

11. A Leather Mini Dress


This bustier leather design zips up the front and will make for a great New Year's Eve look. £229.99

12. A Cosy Knit


A Disney collab isn't a Disney collab without an appearance from at least one of your favourite animated mice. Moschino's H&M range has both with this hot pink Minnie Mouse sweater dress taking the lead. £79.99

13. A Puffy Skirt


Who knew puffer skirts were a thing? Jeremy Scott did, apparently. £69.99

14. An Off-The-Shoulder Dress


Another retro design, Scott's off-the-shoulder dress is printed with Moschino chains and buckles. £99.99

15. Mega Biker Boots


Good luck with walking in these outrageously high boots. At least everyone will know where they came from. £299.99

16. Ginormous Earrings


The peace symbol appears throughout the entire collection, most notably on this super-size pair of gold earrings. £19.99

17. A Highly Coveted Biker Bag

I longed for one of these when Moschino released them a few years ago. Now you can pick one up for a much, much cheaper price. £99.99

See, there really is something for everyone in this poppy, playful collection.