Here's All The Details On Ulta's Beauty Collection Sale

Get those wallets ready, because Ulta's 21 Days Of Beauty Sale isn't the only one in town. While you're at the beauty stop picking up on the one day sales, you can shop another major set of deals as well. According to their website, Ulta Beauty Collection is having three-week long sale on their in-house beauty items. What's in the Ulta Beauty Deals sale, you ask? These savings will rival their huge bi-annual event.

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Odds are you probably have already seen that the 21 Days Of Beauty Sale is going on Mar. 19 through Apr. 8. But there's another sale you might not know about — Ulta Beauty Collection Beauty Deals Sale. Let's just say that these two sales are a match made in beauty heaven. They're both going on for the full three weeks, but the Ulta Collection Sale is a little bit different. Instead of having a different sale every day, the company is giving a full week to shop the items.

For the week of Mar. 19 to the 25, foundations, powders, face brushes, and luxe bath items are $6 each. The next week, Mar. 26 through Apr. 1, Ulta Bath and Romantics Collections, single eye shadow, and mascara are all $3 to $4 each. Finally, the week of Apr. 2 to the 8, you'll get lipsticks, lip glosses, and hand soap for $3. That's drugstore prices, people!

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That's almost better than the 21 Days Of Beauty Sale, if you ask me. These products are normally somewhere in-between drugstore and high-end prices. I can pretty much guarantee, just like the other sale, that these are the most affordable you'll see these products all year long.

Unfortunately, the only way to get these prices is in-store though. So you'll actually have to go to the store to get your hands on both the Ulta Beauty Collection Beauty Deals and the 21 Days Of Beauty Sale. Both are also only while supplies last, so the sooner you shop the better.

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Bottom line: mark those calendars, because something tells me that these items are going to sell fast.