Too Faced's New Tutti Fruitti Collection Includes A Watermelon-Scented Foundation

Courtesy of Too Faced

When it comes to scented beauty products, there's no bigger name than Too Faced. From their original Chocolate Soleil bronzers to their peach-themed items, they've got this whole gorgeous smell thing down. Now, the new Too Faced Tutti Frutti collection is expanding their fragrant creations into a brightly-hued, vibrant, and yes, fruity assortment of products perfect for your summer beat.

In an interview with Allure, Too Faced Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder Jerrod Blandino spilled the beans (or maybe seeds?) about the new fruit-inspired collection, and this launch is going to be huge. From foundation to eyeshadows to highlighters, it's got basically everything inside. "Our scented makeup has been such a phenomenal success that I wanted to play with the idea of creating an entire new line based on sugary and sweet fruit," he told Allure, "All of the color and scent and texture possibilities were just too much to pass up. A wide range of fruits is full of unlimited possibilities."

He and the rest of the Too Faced team have certainly taken advantage of all that the world of fruit has to offer. The collection is home to berry tones (and scents) as well as watermelon and cucumber infused face products. Of course, what's a vibrant, fruit inspired collection without some juicy lip glosses?

According to Blandino's Instagram as well as his interview with Allure, you can expect to get your hands on this sweet set of goodies starting Aug. 15. As for where it'll be? You can purchase the adorable collection on the Too Faced website and at Ulta once it has launched.

What all can you get in Too Faced's Tutti Frutti Collection? Hold on to your sunnies, beauty lovers. This brilliant collection is about to be a fruity feast for your eyes.

Pineapple Eyeshadow Palette

Razzle Dazzle Berry Eye Shadow Palette

Twinkle Twinkle Eye Shadow

Juicy Fruits Comfort Lip Glaze

Dew You Foundation

Dew You Setting Spray

It's Bananas Setting Powder

Pineapple Paradise Strobing Bronzer Highlighter Duo

Fresh Squeezed Highlighting Drops

Frosted Fruits Highlighters Sticks

Fruit Cocktail Blush Duo

Clearly, Too Faced went all out for their new Tutti Frutti Collection, and it definitely shows. With a huge range of products and adorable packaging, you'll definitely want to mark your calendar for this launch.