Here's Who's Returning For 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 4

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Despite the huge controversy surrounding Bachelor In Paradise Season 4, the filming of the remainder of the season is set to resume. The cast members returning to Bachelor In Paradise seem to include many if not most of the original people who were slated for this season, although it currently seems that neither DeMario Jackson or Corinne Olympios will be returning to the fold following the investigation into the alleged scandal that caused production to shut down.

The show's filming was halted on June 7 when a producer filed a complaint over an alleged drunken sexual encounter between Jackson and Olympios that was caught on film. Jackson has stated that he believes that both parties gave consent before the sexual activity, while Olympios claimed that she has little memory of the incident and is a victim. Warner Bros. reviewed the footage as part of an internal investigation and has since concluded that no misconduct occurred, but Olympios' lawyer has released a statement that her team will continue to investigate the situation. Since all of this went down, it appears that Jackson may have been invited back to the set, although it's been reported by TMZ that he has declined.

As for cast members who have agreed, it appears that Jasmine Goode will, in fact, be returning to Mexico. The contestant recently told People, “I’m really happy things got resolved and that we can finally move forward! It’s so exciting knowing we are heading back to finish what we started.” Meanwhile, Amanda Stanton confirmed her return on Wednesday at a Sodastream celebration, saying, "I'm excited to go back. I actually leave tonight to go back to Mexico." But they're far from the only ones.

Raven Gates

Raven Gates shared news of her return beneath a bikini-clad photo.

Taylor Nolan

She announced her return in similar fashion.

Lacey Mark

It seems to be a running theme.

Vinny Ventiera

He's ready to go.

Robby Hayes

Contestant Robby Hayes spoke out about his thoughts on returning prior to learning that production would, in fact, resume during a Facebook Live interview with ET. Hayes explained,

"I have to see ... I don't know the timeline. I had scheduled some things now that I'm back in the States ... But if the call comes, we'll find out."

However, it seems that he finally got the call.


Bachelor In Paradise cast members were reportedly informed that they were to return to Mexico for an extended filming period that would continue until July 5 after being sent home amidst the controversy. However, The Hollywood Reporter also details that the original filming required an obligation from June 1-27, which has caused a conflict for some of the participants of the upcoming season. In light of the change, other contestants who are officially scheduled to return include: twins Emily and Haley Ferguson, Kristina Schulman, and an undisclosed contestant currently competing on Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette, though this has not been confirmed by Warner Bros. Bustle has reached out to Warner Bros. for comment, but they could not confirm casting at this time.

So things are gearing up to get interesting as production aims to stay on schedule in an effort to make its its original premiere date of August 8. With the way things are shaping up thus far, this season is sure to be one to remember.