Alex Turns On Kevin In 'BB19'

Bill Inoshita/CBS

Big Brother puts people from all kinds of backgrounds together. From engineers to fashion designers, Big Brother pits people with various different careers against each other, including stay-at-home dad Kevin. However, some of the other houseguests of Big Brother 19 don't believe that Kevin is the full-time father he claims to be. After giving a familiar hug to Big Brother 16 winner Derrick, Alex suspects that Kevin's full-time father claim is a ruse. Alex has been going around the house telling people that Derrick is fond of Kevin because Kevin, like Derrick, is secretly a cop. Alex thinks she knows what Kevin's real job is outside of BB19, but is she correct?

It's not unfair for Alex to accuse Kevin of lying about his real job outside of the Big Brother house. Derrick lied about being an undercover cop in his season, and BB17 near-winner Vanessa Rousso lied about being a high-profile poker player. Even fellow Big Brother 19 contestant Dominique lied about working for the government. It's fair to assume that Kevin could be lying as well, but you'd be wrong for thinking so.

While many people in the house see Kevin as shady, he's been nothing but truthful about his current career. Kevin's had his hands full raising seven children and doesn't seem to have much time to do much else, especially working for law enforcement. While Kevin isn't secretly a cop, he still has another career in his past that the houseguests don't know about. Kevin, in his younger years, was a successful model.

Kevin's history as a model doesn't give him the strategic advantage that being an undercover cop or a poker player might, but it could make the other houseguests look at him in a more positive light. Houseguests seems to consider Kevin to be a major threat, despite having no major alliances and not being a strong competitor. What Kevin has proven to be good at, however, is listening to others and helping people feel emotionally stable while in the house. That, alone, should be proof that Kevin has decades of experience raising a large family. If Derrick's huge with Kevin seemed overly familiar, it was likely because Derrick is in awe of Kevin's parental abilities.