Shop These V-Day Collection Items While You Can

by Augusta Statz

As usual, the latest Kylie Cosmetics collection was a hit. Even the most expensive bundle option on the site sold out, because when your girl Kylie Jenner does a Valentine’s Day range, she does it right. If you haven’t let your heart win the battle over your wallet yet, you better get in on the action while you can! What’s left to shop in Kylie Cosmetics’ Valentine’s Day Collection? There are a couple of “add to cart” options available.

At the time of publication, the vibrant pink Valentine Lip Kit and the Sweetheart Mini Kit were up for grabs on the site. The Lip Kit is going for $30 and features a matte liquid lippie and a liner as well as exclusive V-Day packaging. If you’re hoping to rock bold lip look for your date night on Feb. 14 and beyond — this is the hue for you. The Sweetheart Mini Kit retails for only $22 and contains two exclusive eye shadow shades and two mini lip items. There's a mix of colors (corals and nudes) in the kit, and I’m telling you — it just doesn’t get any cuter than this.

According to the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account, there will likely not be a restock of this collection. It’s a one and only kind of deal, so don’t miss out on your chance to fall in love with a product or two.

There was no way a collection this good could stick around for long!

But, lucky for you, there's still time to purchase a couple of lovely items. This fuchsia hue, for example, will definitely not disappoint with its color payoff, so it's easy to drop 30 bucks on, right? I thought so!

Courtesy Kylie Cosmetics

Valentine Lip Kit, $30, Kylie Cosmetics

Will this lippie be your Valentine? How could you say no?

As far as the Mini Kits in the line-up. Make sure you grab the one that's left.

Courtesy Kylie Cosmetics

Sweetheart Mini Kit, $22, Kylie Cosmetics

With the amazing mix of classic and bold colors, how could you resist adding these tiny products to your makeup bag?

Even though most of the line is sold out, owning a piece or two is certainly better than none at all.

Go on and treat yourself to a Kylie Cosmetics buy. You deserve it!