Kylie's Valentine's Day Bundle Sold Out In Minutes

Kylie Jenner has made her love of holidays well-known via her crazy successful makeup line Kylie Cosmetics. Fans have definitely responded well to the holiday collections, and that seems especially true now. The Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day bundle sold out first during the collection's roll out on Thursday, Feb. 2, and while portions of the collection are still available, if you wanted to snag it all at once, you may just be out of luck. It seems as though fans are at Jenner's mercy when it comes to a restock of this collection.

The Valentine's Day Collection bundle included every product being launched as a part of the holiday celebration. From the mini mattes to the Kylie's Diary palette, the bundle was basically a deal for mega-fans of both the brand and Jenner. If fans were to purchase each item individually, they'd pay an additional $16 for all the products. The bundle offered fans a discount, and they clearly took Jenner up on it since this limited edition collection's bundle is totally gone.

Despite the bundle being sold out, there are several of the other Valentine's Day Collection pieces still available, but they may sell out fast. While usually fans could look forward to restocks, things seem to have changed for the this collection. On Thursday, Jenner posted that this is a one time event.

If fans wanted to snag the bundle, they're officially at the mercy of Kylie Jenner. While there's no guarantee of a restock, Jenner is known for always trying her hardest to make her fans happy. It would be a shock to me if she didn't decide to restock after the incredible response the collection has received. Honestly, as loyal as Jenner's fans are to her, she's just as loyal to them.

As for the fans who were able to snag the Valentine's Day Collection, they were stoked.

The heartbreak over a potential lack of a restock is devastating, though.

There are still a few products left in the Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day Collection. If you want to grab any of the products — and they all look gorgeous — I'd head over the Kylie Cosmetics site now. These beauties are sure to go just as fast as the bundle.