Fans Think There's A Curse Afoot At The 'BB19' House

Sonja Flemming/CBS

The concept of a "floater" is not new to Big Brother, but a houseguest on Big Brother 19 could be re-defining the term. Houseguest Jillian could be referred to as a floater – someone who is not playing an active physical, mental, or social game and thereby "floats" through the season until they are evicted. While her skills don't seem to be the ideal mixture to win Big Brother, some fans suspect that she may be using another skill entirely. Magic. I'm serious. Big Brother fans on Twitter are referring to it as "the Jillian Curse," but what is it and could it actually end up helping Jillian in the house?

The first week of Big Brother 19 has been filled with twists and turns, some planned by the show and others coming as a complete surprise. Some Big Brother fans have noticed that there is a pattern emerging amidst the early-season chaos. So far in this season, there have been three people nominated for eviction against Jillian, and all of them have either been evicted or have gotten injured. The fact that Jillian is still in the house has raised suspicions that anyone going up against Jillian will not only be sent home, but will be evicted in an unexpected way.

The first evidence of Jillian's curse came during the first episode of the season, during with Jillian, Christmas, and Cameron found themselves on the block for eviction. Cameron, the superfan whose biggest dream was to be on Big Brother, went home first. It was disappointing to Cameron, but at the time it seemed like just another eviction on Big Brother.

Then, Jillian was put up for eviction alongside Megan. In a series of events that no one could have predicted, Megan decided that it was best for her mental health to self-evict from Big Brother 19. So far, people who went up against Jillian had a two-for-two record of going home. While it was an odd coincidence, what saw some as true confirmation of Jillian's presence meaning bad luck for Big Brother houseguests came this past week.

As a replacement for Jillian, Alex was put up for eviction. She then won the Power of Veto and removed herself, and so Paul was nominated. Paul had won a power from the Den Of Temptation that allowed him to not be evicted for three weeks, and so Christmas was nominated. Alex and Paul had the fortune to avoid an unfortunate fate, but Christmas did not have the same luck.

After some good-natured rough-housing in the backyard went South, Christmas found herself on crutches with torn ligaments. While Christmas is still in the house, there's a chance that her injuries could send her home prematurely. This would make her the third person to go up against Jillian who has been evicted outside of normal circumstances.

Obviously, Jillian isn't really able to curse her fellow houseguests, but it's clear that there is a pattern here. At this rate, Jillian could go down as the best pawn in Big Brother history. Any HOH hoping to have their target leave the house only needs to put their target up against Jillian and let fate take over.

"The Jillian Curse" may not be real, but if that "curse" continues to benefit her, than Jillian may be the first person to win Big Brother through what fans are all too willing to call "magical" intervention.