Here's The Most Popular Sex Position In Your State

by Laken Howard
Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle

No matter how many times I swear I'm going to try something new in bed, whenever it's time to get down to business, I almost always fall back on the same old, go-to, popular sex positions. Not that there's anything wrong with knowing what you like and what works for you in bed — that's actually a good thing! But if you want to increase your sexual satisfaction even further, you have to be open-minded and willing to experiment a little. When you and your partner know exactly what feels good, though, it can be difficult to get ~sexually creative~ and think of new things to try — which is why it's helpful to get some inspo from other sources.

A new study from Lovely — a sex toy and app that learns what couples like in bed, and then suggests new positions and techniques for them to try — analyzed user data to figure out exactly what the average American couple's sex life looks like. According to Lovely’s US 2017 Sexual Satisfaction Study, it seems Americans are pretty content with their sex lives: the 432 couples who participated in the study (including 12 gay couples) rated their sex lives at an average of 70 out of 100 points. But, while it's encouraging that most people are generally happy with their love lives, it's always possible to take your sex life to a new level.

“[The best way for couples to increase their sexual satisfaction is to] communicate their true desires in a better way," Jakub Konik, CEO of Lovely Inc, tells Bustle. "You need to know what your partner desires in order to fulfill their desires, and vice-versa. It's not always easy, because people might feel shy or might think that 'it is what it is,' but being open with your partner and trying new things you both desire is the best way to enhance your sexual satisfaction.”

Simply put, if you're curious about a certain fantasy or position, don't be afraid to communicate your desires to your partner. If you want to try out a few creative new sex positions, here are the most popular sex positions in seven states. (And if you think you're "boring" for liking missionary, that's simply not true — it was by far the most popular position, with ten states choosing it as their go-to.)


Lotus — Arizona

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The Lotus is an ultra-intimate position: it's basically like bear-hugging your partner while you have sex. The closeness adds a lot of feel-good friction, and being face-to-face means plenty of time for steamy makeouts.


Sideways 69 — Florida

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IMHO, oral sex is pretty underrated — so it's encouraging that the people of Florida are spending a little more time on foreplay. Next time you're in the mood for oral, turn on your side instead of doing the traditional woman-on-top version of 69: you'll get a totally new oral sensation (plus you'll be a little more comfortable this way).


Victory — Connecticut

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Instead of traditional "on-your-back" sex, you can switch up the sensations (and the view) by either resting your feet on your partner's shoulder, or spreading your legs in the air (like a "V" for victory, get it?). In this position, your partner will be able to enter you at a totally new angle, and penetrate even deeper.


Drill — Delaware

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For super deep penetration, all you need to do is put a little twist on traditional missionary. Instead of leaving your legs flat on the bed while your partner thrusts, wrap your legs around him, pulling him even deeper into you. The result? Serious G-spot action.


Deep Stick — Maine

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Maine's go-to position "deep stick" is exactly what it sounds like: a way for your partner to penetrate you super deep. While you're lying flat on your back, rest your feet on your partner's shoulders — it'll make things feel tighter for your partner, and create lots of fun extra friction for you. Pro tip: cross your legs on your partner's shoulders (like above) to make the sex feel even more intense.


Rodeo — Texas

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Texans' go-to position is called the "rodeo." It's basically just like reverse cowgirl, where the woman sits backwards on top of her partner and grinds away. If you ask me this kind of rodeo is *way* more fun than the kind with the bulls.


Butterfly — Montana

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Who says both people have to be *in* the bed when you have sex? Have your partner stand at the foot of the bed, then scoot closer until you're at the edge of the bed. Have him lift your pelvis to meet his, and then, depending on what angle of penetration feels best, you can either put your feet on his shoulders or leave them dangling off the bed.

Ultimately, it really doesn't matter which positions you prefer: if you have a healthy sex life with your partner, you're going to feel satisfied no matter how you do it. As long as you're both committed to getting each other off and are open to trying new things together, your sex life can only get hotter.