What's The Scariest Book Set In Your State? Here Are All 50 Answers

Every state has its own breed of spooky stories and urban legends, but finding those ghouls and goblins revived in horror novels can be a challenge, particularly if you don't live in a story-rich state. To make reading in your own backyard easier, I have put together a list of the single scariest book set in every state, so keep reading to find out which horror novel should be the next to hit your nightstand.

Some states are the setting for a lot more scary stories than others. Maine, for example, is home to American master of horror Stephen King, and New York provides the sandbox for a wide variety of authors, including horror writers. Books set in New England and the Midwest excel at exposing the evils that lurk beneath picture-perfect surface lives, and the South and Appalachian regions have more than their faire share of creepiness.

Finding horror novels set within some states' borders is easier said than done, however, which is why you'll find a few thrillers and true-crime novels in the mix below. Don't worry, though, because these books are just as terrifying as any novel Stephen King has ever written.

Check out my picks for the scariest books set in every state below, and share your favorite novel from your home state with me on Twitter!