What To Expect From Alaric's Crossover On 'The Originals'

by Sydney Bucksbaum
The CW

The Vampire Diaries may have ended, but its characters live on thanks to its shared universe with The Originals. The CW's TVD spinoff series, airing Fridays at 8 p.m., is set to host this season's first crossover in episode 8 when Alaric Saltzman (Matt Davis) heads to New Orleans to deliver an artifact to Elijah (Daniel Gillies). But could there be more than one Alaric sighting this season on The Originals? When Joseph Morgan, who plays Klaus, spoke with me over the phone about what to expect from Season 4, he teased a potential second appearance of Alaric on the spinoff series.

"I believe we have a run-in towards the end of this season," he says. "Maybe we have more than one run-in."

The CW

While he wouldn't elaborate any more on that — leaving me to wonder if he was teasing a real spoiler or if he was just teasing me — he did reveal that Alaric's journey to New Orleans won't be a smooth trip. Especially when the history teacher/vampire hunter comes face-to-face with Klaus.

"The dynamic between them has always been uneasy, and that hasn't changed," Morgan says. "I mean, Klaus stole his body when he first came to Mystic Falls, so just like life imitating art, I've always been a little uneasy around Matt because he played the part of Klaus before I ever got the chance to. I try to keep him on his toes, you know? He's in my neck of the woods now, right mate? 'These are my rules.'"

He pauses to laugh, then continues, "No, it's great. It's fun. I've always enjoyed his work so it was nice to work with him again."

Someone else that Morgan got to work with again that he wasn't expecting to was none other than Klaus' Season 3 love interest Cami (Leah Pipes), who was tragically murdered last season. She'll be back for "just one episode" this season, according to Morgan.

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"It's a great way to utilize what that relationship meant to Klaus," he says of how Cami appears in the episode. "It was an interesting acting challenge the way they wrote it. I liked those scenes a lot. Going into it, last season it was a big deal when she left in Season 3, so many goodbyes. And then straight away in Season 4, it's like, 'Oh, you're back! We shouldn't have got you that cake. Shouldn't have made such a big deal of your goodbye.'"

He laughs, then adds, "Without giving away too much, it's not just that Cami's back from the dead. It's not exactly the same dynamic it was when she was alive. It's interesting but it deeply affects Klaus in the form she comes in."

While Klaus spent all of the Season 4 premiere locked away in Marcel's dungeon, separated from his family, he won't be down for long. Fans can expect to see a Mikaelson family reunion "really soon," Morgan promises.

"You're going to see that within an episode or two," he says. "It's great to have us all back together as a family. It's been such a long time since all of us have been in the same place. So you're not going to have to wait very long, couple of weeks at most."

The CW

When the family finally does reunite after five years apart, the dynamic that will be the most affected by that separation will be Klaus and his daughter Hope (Summer Fontana).

"She's a different person now, really. A speaking, thinking person, not just a baby," Morgan says. "But there's going to be some really nice moments between Elijah and Rebekah [Claire Holt] and me after what we've all been through. I mean, think about it, they've been off in paradise in some idyllic villa for the last five years in their minds while their bodies have been in cold storage, and Klaus has been in a living hell in a dungeon. So I think he's going to lord over them a little bit about how he was the hero, the martyr of the moment. Should we say hero? Let's say hero."

Who would have thought that Klaus would be the most heroic character on The Originals? The villain from TVD is officially gone.