When Are All Planets Moving Direct In 2017?

by Lily Feinn

If 2017 seems to be off to a particularly chill start, an incredibly rare astrological event could be to thank. As a result, whether you are a student of the stars or only occasionally peruse your horoscope, the question, “When are all the planets moving direct in 2017?” may have crossed your mind. The phenomenon known as All Planets In Direct Motion (or APDM, for short) provides a brief respite from the normal havoc that celestial bodies that are retrograde can cause in our lives. When all planets move direct, not a single planet is in retrograde, spelling peaceful days to come. In 2017, we will be able to enjoy nearly an entire month of this unusual astrological harmony — so be sure to use this rare gift wisely!

Mercury ended its reign of terror — er, completed its retrograde period — on Jan. 8, and now all planets will move direct through Feb. 6. This auspicious interval of planetary synchronicity typically only happens once a year (and sometimes not even that frequently), so you will want to seize this opportunity to make some big plans for the months ahead, and start laying the groundwork to execute them now. Remember all those New Years goals? Well, now's the time to get rolling on them!

Even those who do not fully believe that far-off planetary bodies can control their actions on earth should find this astrological news is fairly exciting. Because, I mean, come on...

When you consider the fact that troublesome Mercury turns retrograde several times a year for lengths of three weeks at a time, just one period of direct motion (if that) seems rather unfair. Retrograde refers to the apparent change in direction that planets make in their travels across the night's sky. Of course, planets do not actually reverse courses in their orbits; however, it does at times appear that way to the observer on Earth, depending on where they stand in relation to the Earth and Sun. When all planets move direct, it appears as if all planets are going with the flow, orbiting in the same direction at once.

As we emerge from the planetary trend of mercury in retrograde, messing with our communication, travel, clear thinking, and finances, we can finally breath a sigh of relief. Planets moving direct spell good fortune, according to the astrological website Kyrona: "It is very beneficent indeed and ensures cosmic assistance with any endeavor, fueling us with hope and energy." This makes it a ideal time to start new projects, invest in personal passions, and develop a clear game plan for 2017.

The period of APDM will end when Jupiter turns retrograde on Feb. 6. for 120 days. But it's not all bad: "When Jupiter goes retrograde it is good to review our visions, ideals, and belief systems in life," suggests the website Find Your Fate. This period of reflection can help deepen the new commitments you made during the carefree days of planetary harmony. Saturn will join Jupiter in April, helping us to restructure our long-term commitments and find new ways to overcome road blocks. So cheers to 2017 — and may the next month be a productive one!