When Are ColourPop’s Highlighter Trios Coming Out? Get Ready To This Shop Glowy Goodness


There isn’t a day that goes by where this brand doesn't give you something to get excited about. ColourPop’s launching new products that will help you get your glow on just in time for spring, and you’re definitely going to want to get in on the action. When are ColourPop’s Highlighter Trios coming out? Get ready to shop new shimmering shades from the brand.

These bundles are designed to match a variety of skin tones. According to ColourPop's Snapchat, each trio holds one shade you already know and love from the company, a brand new highlight hue and a never-before-seen tie-dye version, as well. According to the brand’s Instagram, you’ll be able to shop these sets at exactly 1 p.m.ET/10 a.m. PT on Feb. 21.

The Waffle Trio is made for lighter complexions and houses the shades Flexitarian, a brand new color called Scrumptious and an all-new tie-dye formula named Glazed. Do these sound delicious or what? The Cannoli Trio is great for medium skin tones and contains Wisp, the all-new Frosted and a tie-dye product called Whipped. Yum! Last, but certainly not least, there’s The Shortcake Trio, which is designed to work well with darker skin tones. You’ll find Candy Man, a new Soft Serve color and a tie-dye version called Iced in this kit. Now, who’s ready to satisfy their sweet tooth and their makeup addiction all in one purchase?!

Fill your cart the moment these items become available.

Because seriously. These sets are too good to pass up.


According to Instagram, these products will only be available while supplies last. So, make sure you act fast!

You're not going to want to miss the yumminess these bundles have to offer. Especially these tie-dyes. I mean, you all remember the Tie-Dye Highlighter that broke the Internet, Churro, don't you?

Courtesy ColourPop Cosmetics

Tie-Dye Highlighter in Churro, $8, ColourPop Cosmetics

Churro is still currently up for grabs on the ColourPop website, by the way.


Even more multi-colored shades and more will be dropping soon. And trust me, you're going to want to eat them up!


Waffle was specially designed for folks with lighter complexions.


Cannoli will give a golden-copper shimmer to medium skin tones.


There's a mix of gold, rose gold and bronze hues that are made for deep skin tones in The Shortcake Trio.

Now, who's hungry for some highlight? Be ready to shop these directly from the Colourpop website.