What ’The Tick’s Creator Already Has Planned For The Amazon Show’s Second Season


That literal cliff-hanger be damned, Amazon's The Tick (supervising producer: Susan Hurwitz Arneson) is back to finish up Season 1 on Feb. 23 with an additional six episodes on the streaming service. Yes, there will be spoons. If you're still longing for more, never fear, fans of the superhero comedy. According to Deadline, The Tick has been renewed for Season 2. It may be a while before it drops on Amazon, as the site says it's expected in 2019. But it's coming.

“I am so excited that Amazon wants to continue this wildly fruitful collaboration and that this amazing cast gets to stay together," creator Ben Edlund told Deadline, "and that we get to build this mythos further, wider, deeper, and taller. We got a good ball of mud spinning with the right tilt of axis, I’m very happy we have this opportunity to keep peopling it.”

What should happen in Season 2 of the live-action comedy? There are lot of characters from previous iterations of The Tick (casting: Suzanne Ryan) that have got to make an appearance. One of them, called either Captain Liberty or American Maid, is like a mash-up of Steve Rogers and Diana Prince from Marvel and DC Comics, respectively. Dot and Ms. Lint are both great, but the show needs a few more female characters. There have also been various Tick universe characters that spoof Bruce Wayne's dark knight alter ego — Die Fledermaus and Batmanuel. Then again, the original characters that Edlund creates are always welcome as well.

"One of the fun things that happens in the season that I’m really excited to have people get to watch is the Flag Five and the story of the death of those heroes and the death of Arthur’s father," said Edlund in an interview with IGN, noting that new character Midnight becomes a large part of that as well. "That hangs like a specter over the story. It’s really a big part of the first season, Arthur’s origin story and his first moments with the Terror."

There's still plenty of story for The Tick to cover, both when it returns for the second half of Season 1 and in Season 2. Sure, the Terror is a lot to handle at the moment, and Arthur's going through a bit of a Joseph Campbell situation, but there's another huge mystery that the two unlikely pals still have to solve. What the heck happened to The Tick's memories? Why is he the way that he is, and how did he get that way?

When the show does return, likely next year, it's probable that the second season will be split into two parts as well. That structure was essential from the beginning in order to build anticipation and maintain an old school viewing experience.

"I see it as it's a perfect dive from a high board," Edlund said in an interview with CinemaBlend on the subject of marathon streaming, "and there's no splash. It just goes in and goes out when you experience it as a culture, it comes and goes. We're all sort of veterans of the opposite of that. Fan energy wants to have a culture to express itself in. So if you split a season, and give a gap in-between, you get anticipation, you get people are able [to] talk about what happened, are able to kind of set their watches for what happens next."

If for whatever reason you haven't watched The Tick on Amazon yet, now is your time to catch up on Season 1! This show is the perfect antidote to comics fatigue, if you need one, or the perfect addition to comics mania if you need that. It pokes fun at superhero tropes in a way that's less cynical and ironic to a fault than Deadpool and has a realism that's genuine, not dark and gritty or twisted. Take your time, space it out, and Season 2 will be here before you know it.