Bekah M. Will Tell Arie Her Age Next Week, So 'Bachelor' Fans Better Prepare For The Drama


It's not really anyone's business how old Bekah M. is on The Bachelor (supervising producer: Deborah Read), except maybe the business of the Bachelor himself. Up until now on the show, it doesn't seem like he's known Bekah's age though. But, that's all about to change. A promo for next week's Bachelor episode (airing Jan. 22) shows that Bekah will tell Arie her age — and that there will be serious fall out — though probably not from him.

"Wait do you know how old I am?" Bekah asks Arie in the preview. "How old are you?" Arie counters. For the record, she seems to be asking in a funny, flirty way, and he doesn't seem to care that much. But, that's not gonna stop (guess who) Krystal from making it a B.F.D even when it's not.

Bekah, whose age is redacted on the show, is 22 according to a press screening of the premiere that did not withhold her age. That does make her 14 years younger that 36-year-old Arie, but who cares? Maquel is 13 years younger, and no one is squawking about that. Honestly, as long as both Bekah and Arie are OK with their ages, that's all that matters. We'll see what Arie's reaction to Bekah telling him is when it happens next week, but it's unlikely he'll care. Arie has already spoken to The Hollywood Reporter about the age issue on this season, and it's not a big deal to him.

"I think it’s more about the person and if they’re ready for marriage and how mature they are. Some women are far beyond their years and some women are very immature in their thirties — I’ve dated younger, older. It’s more about being ready. I was open to a variety, and that’s something that the producers knew."

But, according to next week's preview, Krystal is not about Bekah's age. "Arie's looking for a woman, not a girl," she says in the clip. "I want Arie to be able to see that. So, good luck."

It's a menacing comment to say the least, and I doubt Arie would be thrilled to hear how Krystal is talking about Bekah — especially since he seems really into Bekah thus far. Krystal, for her part, is 29. But, she could be one of the women Arie seems to mention above — mature in age but not in attitude.

Not caring about age is not to say Arie won't ever bring it up on the show. Aside from his conversation with Bekah, he may get into it again according to another Hollywood Reporter interview. "I only really addressed that if I felt it was an issue," he told THR. "If I felt there was some immaturity there, or if I was questioning if they were really ready for marriage. I really didn’t let that get in the way unless there was some real emotion in that relationship and I needed to know if we could get to that next step of being possibly engaged. I never asked the producers for any of the women's ages."

So, he probably didn't know Bekah's age prior to their conversation, but he will probably be cool with it. At most, maybe he'll ask Bekah how serious she is about a long term relationship. Maybe he'll also question Krystal's intentions. It's hard to know as of now, but next week's episode is certainly going to be a doozy. Krystal has already been declared the villain by fans — and next week it seems that her fellow contestants will come to that conclusion as well. So, Bekah's age will probably be the last thing on anyone's minds after Jan. 22.