BECCA's Holographic Highlighters & Lip Toppers Are Arriving Soon

If there is one thing BECCA Cosmetics is serious about, it's glow, glow, and more glow. From its game-changing Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow collection to its Chrissy Teigen palette of awesome, BECCA as a brand is committed to shimmer and glow. Now, BECCA's Light Chaser Highlighters and Liquid Crystal Lip Topper Glow Glosses will elevate the glow on your cheeks and lips to the next level... so much so that your features could veritably communicate with satellites.

The Light Chasers are shadeshifting, while the Lip Toppers add holographic dimension, thanks to the inclusion of pearls. Each of these products will come in six shades. So, when are these babies available to buy and where?

According to a post on the official BECCA Instagram, the Light Chasers and the Lip Toppers will arrive at both Sephora and via the BECCA site in June; those are the exclusive retail locations for these glow getters.

The exact date is TBD so keep checking the BECCA socials for the final, firm date.

Your summer makeup will get quite the boost. Not only can you totally fake glow in the safest possible way, but you can also get more out of your makeup since these products are shade-shifters!

How about we peep the shades that these babies will come in? Permission to drool is hereby granted.

Get ready for some makeup alchemy when you apply these.

Look at all that shimmer!

These two are more neutral and natural in their hues.

The ultimate glow-getters. There are a total of 12 new BECCA glow products on the way.

While matte texture remains majorly popular with eyeshadows and liquid lipsticks, the glimmer 'n' shimmer formula and the holographic dimension are also asserting themselves as a 2017 beauty trend. Kat Von D is transforming her Shade & Light Eyeshadow Palette shades from matte to glimmer this summer, as well.