Kylie Cosmetics' New Collection Includes 10 New Products & It Will Drop VERY Soon

If you suffered through some serious Kylie Jenner withdrawal while the she dropped out of public and social media view in order to enjoy her pregnancy in private, the makeup mogul and new mom is making up for it — with makeup. Kylie Cosmetics created The Weather Collection, a huge assortment of products inspired by her newborn daughter Stormi. Your lips, lids, and more will be rewarded for their patience, courtesy of the new range.

She's not even a month old but Stormi is already the source of inspo for makeup and manicures — simply amazing!

The Weather Collection includes at least 10 products and is marked by a bold interplay of opposites. The eyeshadow palettes mix darks and lights, mattes and shimmers. So do the glittery, chrome-like Eye Duos. The matte bullet lipsticks come in two nude neutrals and a pitch black hue worthy of Kat Von D. The collection is also marked by lightning bolts — the lippies are stamped with them, while the packaging replaces the "i" in "Kylie" with one.

The Weather Collection is both literal and loose with the stormy weather motif — and it works. The concentration of contrasting textures and the juxtaposition of light and dark will allow users to create endless custom looks and encourage serious artistry.

The storm will cruise onto the Kylie Cosmetics website, which is its primary platform, on Wednesday, Feb. 28 at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT.

You know that old saying "April showers bring May flowers?" Kylie Cosmetics' Weather Collection is an excellent execution of that concept. The colors in the range cull inspiration from Kylie's newborn and weather patterns with moody, dramatic darks and whimsical, Easter-ready pastels.

This 10-pan palette will be your "go to" smoky eye set. It has all the colors you need to create a variety of unique, smoked out lids.

The swatches are pretty electrifying.

One can't help but assume that recent events that have marked Jenner's life — her pregnancy, actual motherhood, and a retreat from the glaring eyes of her fans and haters—inspired the names and shades in the palette.

Dark must always be tempered by light. That's just what Jenner offers up with the Calm Before the Storm palette.

These ultra pigmented pastels mimic an Easter basket. If you need a new palette for spring, well, this is it.

Jenner only recently launched traditional lipsticks in bullet form after years of liquid Lip Kit dominance. But the trio of Nightfall (matte black), Cosmic (soft brown nude), and Nova (peachy nude) is quite an unusual but awesome lipstick wardrobe.

The swatches not only show how pigmented and creamy the mattes are. They also highlight the difference between the nudes. Nova is peachier, while Cosmic is much more brown.

The Flash Glitter Gloss is iridescent. It will glaze lips with the most diamond-like sparkle and shine.

You can swipe a coat over bare lips or layer it on top of your favorite Lip Kit hue for some extra dimension and texture.

This loose powder will satisfy glow-seekers and glow-getters.

The Glitter Eye Duos are something Kylie Cosmetics hasn't done before. The duos feature a pair of liquid eyeshadows that are applied via wand but can be smudged with your finger.

If you want you lids to look lit, these metallic shadows should do the trick.

The Highlighter Palette is four pans strong, with a focus on pink and peach shades. Swirl them together with a fluffy brush and customize your dewy glow.

The Weather Collection is dramatic. It's also the brand's most extensive suite of products since the 2017 holiday set. Jenner's creativity was certainly on fire while she awaited the birth of her baby girl.

This is likely the first of many Kylie x Stormi collabs. Mother, daughter, and beauty brand are starting off strong.