Marc Jacobs' Iconic Daisy Perfume Now Comes In Lip Gloss Form

While most people associate Marc Jacobs with fashion, his beauty empire is expanding rapidly thanks to items like his Coconut Dew Drop Highlighters and Re(marc)able foundation. Now, there's another goodie dropping, and it's inspired by one of his most well-known products. The new Marc Jacobs Daisy lip gloss is a brand new take on the best-selling fragrance, and it's sure to make Daisy lovers' day.

The new gloss is actually part of a dual launch. Dedicated Marc Jacobs fans will know that the brand's Daisy perfume started as a single fragrance but as it has grown in popularity, it's also grown in size. Daisy is now an entire range of scents, and the latest one is called Daisy Love. That's the scent that the new peachy lip gloss is inspired by.

According to Allure, the brand created the gloss as a compliment to the fragrance. Marc Jacobs Beauty explained that the new gloss is meant to personify the "Daisy Love girl," who they describe as having "magnetic energy and [an] eclectic spirit." Maybe you don't think of yourself in those terms, but you should! If you want to embrace the most magnetic parts of who you are, apparently, the new Daisy Love gloss is the best way to do so.

Why is it a big deal that there's now a Daisy gloss when Marc Beauty glosses and the Daisy fragrances have been a thing for quite some time now? It's because those fragrance are a BFD on their own. Not only are their bottles with those ginormous flowers on top classic staples for any vanity, but the Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrances are best sellers on both Ulta and Sephora's websites.

In fact, if you head over to Ulta's bestselling fragrance page, you'll see that the original Daisy scent is the top selling for the retailer. Then, scoot on over to the Sephora site, and you'll discover that a whopping four iterations of Daisy land on their bestseller page. A set of minis in Daisy and Daisy Eau So Fresh as well as their larger sized counterparts all fall into Sephora's bestselling fragrance category. The last member of the bestsellers? The brand new Daisy Love aka the perfume the lip gloss inspired by.

Where can you shop the new fragrance inspired gloss? It's available right now on the Marc Jacobs Beauty website, and it retails for $28.

Does the lip gloss smell like the Daisy Love perfume, though? Not quite according to Allure. The gloss take a note from the perfume by having a bit of a berry scent. Meanwhile, the perfume itself is home to multitude of different notes including cashmere musk and driftwood.

If you're a Marc Jacobs Daisy junkie, the new Hi Shine Lip Lacquer in Daisy Love may just be your new go-to gloss. With its gorgeous peachy hue, it's perfect for any makeup look, and what beauty junkie doesn't kind of love the idea of matching their gloss to their perfume? Head over to Marc Jacobs Beauty now for your Daisy-inspired gloss and get ready to shine.