What Your Favorite Perfume Says About You, Whether You're A Daisy, Coco, Or Flowerbomb Fan

A woman's perfume is often times just as important to her as her clothes. Your favorite perfume can even more of a defining quality than your wardrobe: A signature scents seem to stay with us for years at a time, while fashion trends come and go.

Choosing that signature scent is a pretty big deal, even if your "signature" isn't one that necessarily stays with your for every season. Since many women enjoy changing it up from time to time and our staple fragrances change from season to season, the scent we then choose only further portrays the changes in the type of person we are becoming.

Maybe you haven't really even thought about what your perfume means to you, but it's worth taking a look at. Even if you aren't a beauty junkie, that one little spritz of fragrance can transform your mood, as well as how people around you perceive you.

Though perfume companies tend to market to a certain "type" of woman, there's no reason not to pair a girly, floral fragrance with your band tee and Vans slip ons. Still, there's no doubt that certain scents appeal to certain personalities — so here's what your signature scent might be saying about you.

1. Marc Jacobs Daisy

Marc Jacobs Daisy, $84, Sephora

Notes:Strawberry, Violet Leaves, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Gardenia, Violet Petals, Jasmine Petals, Musk, Vanilla, White Woods.

If you're wearing Daisy, you're a super charmer. You are bright and cheerful, and it's likely you've never met a stranger. Some might call you a major flirt, but you know that you can't help how alluring you are to people. You've got one of those "infectious personalities" everyone's always talking about.

2. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, $85, Sephora

Notes:Sambac Jasmine, Centifolia Rose, Cattleya Orchid, Ballerina Freesia, Patchouli.

"Flowerbomb" could actually be your nickname. You are like an explosion of goodness to those around you. You always seem to make the best out of any situation, spreading positivity everywhere you go. Though some may call you a dreamer, you understand that living in a fantasy world is just one way of setting your sights higher than the rest of the world.

3. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium, $118, Sephora

Notes: Coffee Accord, Orange Blossom, Cedar Wood Essence, Patchouli Essense.

If I were to compare you to someone in pop culture, it'd be Lana Del Rey. You just ooze sensuality and mystery, and there's something "addictive" about who you are. People can't quite get enough of you. Your personality is like a classic old Hollywood type, but your still is fresh, modern, and super trendy.

4. Chloé

Chloé Eau de Parfum, $105, Sephora

Notes:Pink Peony, Freesia, Lychee, Magnolia Flower, Lily of the Valley, Rose, Cedarwood, Amber, Honey.

You are a breath of fresh air to those around you. Just like the clean, fresh scent of Chloe, you give your friends a new perspective on life, and you seem to be able to handle the cares of life with an ease and organization like no other. You like to plan and prepare, and this stability in you makes it comfortable for any type of person to be around you.

5. Chanel No. 5

Chanel No. 5, $80, Chanel

Notes:Neroli, ylang-ylang, bergamot, amalfi lemon and aldehydes, iris, jasmine, orris root, rose and lily-of-the-valley, vetiver, musk, sandalwood, patchouli, oak moss, amber, vanille and civetta.

I'm going to include wearers of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle here, too, as it's a popular counterpart to the traditional No. 5. You are a person struck between two worlds: You're drawn to the traditional and classic, but this actually makes you ready to take on the modern world. You prefer a bit of sophistication in your conversation — not that you don't like to let loose and fun. You're a deep thinker, and you enjoy a good, friendly debate.

6. Bobbi Brown Almost Bare

Bobbi Brown Almost Bare, $72, Macys

Notes:Italian Bergamot, violet leaves, soft muguet, jasmine, cedar, amber.

You are a natural beauty who prefers tinted moisturizer to contouring. Like the light scent of your fragrance, there's an innocence to who you are. You aren't naive, but you've been able to remain your true self through out all life has brought you.

7. Elizabeth Arden Pretty

Elizabeth Arden Pretty, $65, Elizabeth Arden

Notes:Italian mandarin orpur, orange, peach, jasmine, petalia, pink iris, white peony, musk, jacaranda wood, amber.

You take your traditional femininity seriously, but you're the girl who always stands up for others allowing them to be who they truly are. You remind your friend of all the good times in life, and that's why they are so open to who you are despite your differences. You have a huge heart for others, and you know how to love people well.

Images: @marcjacobsfragrances/Instagram; Courtesy Brands