OMG, Forever21 Is Launching A Flaming Hot Cheetos Collection & It's Perfect

Courtesy of Forever21

For most people, it's nearly impossible to avoid snack food. You walk into your bodega or convenience store and there they are in all their multi-colored, preservative-filled glory. Now, the Forever 21 x Cheetos collaboration is going to help you wear one of you favorite snacks out into the world. Honestly, this collection is flaming hot.

Maybe you've kicked a junk food habit but that doesn't mean you'll ever forget the joy of getting cheese dust off your fingers or your love of Chester Cheetah. Maybe you still love a good bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos. Either way, the new Forever 21 x Cheetos collection is going to make your heart sing (and maybe your mouth water). The new food-based collaboration from the affordable brand launches on June 6 which means you can shop all of the pieces now on the Forever 21 website and in-stores nationwide.

Of course, the news that the collaboration has launched is exciting, but there's even more to love about the new cheesy, spicy clothing. If you've shopped at Forever 21 before, you likely already know, but everything in the Cheetos collection is ultra-affordable. Prices for the flame-covered items start at just $5 and stop at only $30. Curb your Cheeto habit for a few weeks, and you'll be able to snag the new snack food collection from Forever 21.

Courtesy of Forever21

As for what's inside this flaming hot group of items, it's basically everything you need for summer. From Cheeto slides to tie-dye printed crop tops and a dress that will actually make you look like a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos, it's got everything. Basically, if you want it, Forever 21 probably put some Cheetos on it.

Courtesy of Forever21

Of the new Cheetos collection, Forever 21 Vice President of Merchandising Linda Chang says, "We are so excited to join forces with an iconic snack like Flaming Hot Cheetos. Flaming Hot Cheetos fans are so fanatical, and over the past couple of years, we have seen their love for this food illustrated all over pop culture, and in particular, via social media. We are so honored to be releasing this limited edition capsule!”

Courtesy of Forever 21

The new Forever 21 x Cheetos collection isn't the only food-themed collaboration that the affordable clothing brand has had recently. In fact, Forever 21 has kind of become the reigning monarch of food-related sartorial choices.

Back in April, the brand partnered with Pepsi to launch a size-inclusive soda-themed collection that was so '90s. Honestly, if you always wanted to live your Pepsi Super Bowl commercial fantasy, this collect would help you do it.

Back in 2017, the brand did another icon food-based collaboration when it paired up with fast food chain Taco Bell to make all your sauce-themed clothing dreams come true. Maybe the brand just has a thing for fire-themed foods?

If you loved the Pepsi collection, Taco Bell items, or are just super into Flaming Hot Cheetos, you can shop the new Forever 21 x Cheetos collection on the brand's website and in stores. Get your best Chester Cheetah-themed duds, grab your bag of Cheetos, and be flaming hot this summer.