Here's A Look Back At When Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra's Love Story Began

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Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson aren't the only celebrities who have a whirlwind romance happening. Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are reportedly engaged, according to People, even though they've only been together for a few months. So when did Jonas and Chopra start dating? Us Weekly first reported that the two of them were an item this past May — but they have known each other longer.

While Chopra and Jonas sparked dating rumors when they attended the Met Gala together in May 2017, though they insisted they were just friends at the time. (Their reasoning for attending the festivities together was that they were both wearing Ralph Lauren.) Roughly a year later, Us Weekly reported on May 29 that Jonas and Chopra were dating. At the time, an unnamed source told the magazine that the couple's relationship was "brand new."

By this timeline, that would mean that Jonas and Chopra's reported engagement comes just two months after the start of their relationship. (Bustle reached out to their reps for comment, but did not receive an immediate response.) Still, the two of them could have been seeing each other privately before the reports. And even if it has only been a couple of months, Chopra and Jonas have checked off plenty of relationship milestones this summer, including meeting each other's family members.

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During a recent trip to India, Jonas met Chopra's mom, which is something the Quantico star confirmed to People. The couple also attended pre-wedding festivities for some of Chopra's friends while in India. "We're getting to know each other and I think it was a great experience for him," Chopra told People of the trip. Fans may not have thought about it at the time, but considering the engagement reports, it's possible that Jonas might have talked to Chopra's mom about the engagement during the trip, too.

Chopra has also met Jonas' family members on several occasions. Jonas brought Chopra to his cousin's wedding in New Jersey in June. Chopra also spent the Fourth of July with all of the Jonas brothers, along with Joe Jonas' fiancée, Game of Thrones actor Sophie Turner. Chopra, Turner, and Nick and Joe Jonas were seen biking around New York City on the Fourth, and they reportedly watched the fireworks with the rest of the Jonas family later that day.

But even though their relationship seems to be moving forward at record pace, Jonas and Chopra have kept their relationship off social media, at least for the most part. They've only shared photos of each other on their Instagram Stories and not in regular Instagram posts. And they only became Instagram official in June, when Jonas posted a video of Chopra on his IG Story and captioned it "Her."

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And even though the engagement news is likely a surprise to fans, there was another clue that the couple might be taking the next step in their relationship. Page Six reported earlier this month that Chopra and Jonas were seen wearing matching gold rings. It didn't seem like much at the time, but the rings might have been another clue that the relationship was moving forward.

Quick celebrity engagements seem to be in vogue these days, but it looks like Chopra and Jonas really do care about each other. If the engagement reports are true, hopefully fans will get to see Chopra's ring soon — fans deserve to see the result of Jonas' reported Tiffany's shutdown.